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Child's Play (2019)

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More than a toy... he's your best friend. 2019/6/19 90 min.


Child’s Play

From the hand of Metro Golden Meyer, the devilish doll returns to the big screen, this time in a new beginning and with an adaptation so to speak to the current technological advances; since it is not a simple plastic doll possessed by an evil spirit.

Kaslan Industries is a recognized brand that manufactures the best toys today; it has a headquarters in Vietnam in which the Buddi doll is assembled; an automated robot-type toy that interacts with children like a friend.

In this factory, an employee is humiliated and dismissed by his supervisor for his poor performance; this as a revenge sneaks into one of the workstations of the assembly line and modifies the software of one of the Buddi specimens; disable all security and logic protocols; with the intention of causing a lawsuit to Kaslan and making them pay for what they did to him; but without knowing it, this copy was packaged and attached to a direct export order to the United States of America.

In the state of Illinois, exactly in the city of Chicago, Karen Barclay and her thirteen-year-old son Andy, who suffers from hearing problems, move to a new apartment; but the boy is very sad and has a hard time getting used to his new home and as if that were not enough, to his mother's new partner, Shane.

Andy is about to turn years old, and his mother wants to reward him with a gift; Karen is an employee of a department store called Zed-Mark; Andy wants a Buddi, but its value is extremely expensive, for which he comes to a deal with his bosses and manages to acquire a defective copy at a much lower cost.

Arriving on his birthday, Karen delivers the gift to his son, who calls him Chucky; he clings to the toy as his new friend; and this helps him socialize with the other boys in the building, Falyn, and Pugg.

As time passes, Chucky shows unusual, violent behaviors that arouse everyone's curiosity; and it is accentuated when the Barclay mascot scratches Andy, Chucky to protect him ends up hanging the cat causing his death; that same day, the trio of friends watches a horror movie on television, Chucky is with them, but he goes to the kitchen and takes a knife imitating what, fortunately, Andy notices and takes off.

Andy's mother realizes the violent behavior of the doll and decides to lock him in a closet, but he gets away to escape by listening to Andy's pleas to his mother to leave Shane; so Chucky follows Shane to his home, where he discovers he is married and has a family.

The evil doll waits for the right moment to take revenge; Shane goes out to hang the Christmas lights on the roof of the house, Chucky scares him and causes him to fall and fracture his leg, then turn on the lawnmower and directs it directly to his head causing his death.

Chucky is out of control, his thirst for violence is getting bigger; Try to communicate remotely with the Kaslan toy factory to manipulate other specimens and form a group of killer dolls.

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