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You can't outrun the past 2019/5/15 91 min.


The idea behind "The Godfather"Romeo" is to have two older guys take over a family and run things their way - but they don't let the kids know that. In the case of "Cold Blooded," a hot teenage star from a Broadway musical, she gets to play out her revenge fantasies on a completely different level.

As usual, Don Corleone is a hard, cold bastard in "The Godfather." He's like any other bad guy who decides to come to this country to start his own empire. Just as he wants a new life without worry about the mob, the family business and the police, he gets the opportunity to enjoy his new life. He just wants the "opportunity" to be a good boy and get off the city's streets.

He gets all kinds of reasons to use his daughter (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) to make the movie that he wants, however, as the movie goes on, we discover that she's just a spoiled little brat who has no real interest in her family's well-being. She's just one of the girls who have been brought up without taking responsibility for her actions. She's just one of the girls who can be manipulated and taken advantage of.

Don is a very good actor, and his wife has a very hot idea in the fact that they should give her daughter a leading role in the movie that the whole family will be a part of. She's overjoyed at the idea of making a trip to New York and being a part of the movie. They just need to sell the idea to her father, and so Don goes through an act of desperation to get her dad to agree, which ends up costing them everything.

So the hot idea for this production is to stage a high school play in New York. It's a high school play with an adult audience. They're not going to be able to have just adults watching the show, but they can't have any children or teenagers in the audience.

To avoid all kinds of security issues, "Cold Blooded" can't telling anyone where they are. She can only make her movie under a fake name in a fake apartment.

She becomes the major producer of the movie, and of all the people in it - she has the most control over Don. She gets him to agree to be the star of the show so he can get back to the business of running the family business and protecting his family, and she gets the stage crew to make sure that the actors in the show look authentic.

However, her conscience gets the better of her when she realizes that there are some things in the film's effect that she wants to do to Don himself. The girl who's been so soft and gentle gets greedy and conniving, in the end. It's a great character development with lots of twists and turns in the movie.

Original title Cold Blood Legacy - La mémoire du sang
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