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Color Out of Space (2020)

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2020/1/24 111 min.


Movie Color Out of Space is one of the most amazing pieces of theater entertainment ever created. Here is a piece of theater, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, that is fascinating in every way imaginable. Let me briefly go over some of the highlights and just tell you how much I love this movie so far.

One of the first things you notice about the movie is the use of brilliant lighting. You can see the color of the light bouncing off the silver screen as it goes across the screen. It is the first thing you notice because you really have to pay attention to it.

As we all know, cinema making is a very technical process and is meant to be kept off limits for beginners. Even though it is supposed to be for the audience, some companies still hire more advanced operators who know exactly what they are doing.

Movie Color Out of Space is probably the most well-done example of an operator in this genre. You can see the artistic license involved. A similar thing happens in Atonement. In both movies, the frame is very clear with the same crisp colors.

The ability to really tell the story in both movies is impressive. This is very important in a movie because the viewer has to fill in the blanks. If they don't understand what is going on, they might turn away from the movie and not come back again.

Film theater theaters usually display black and white films. However, when you watch a show on a big screen you can't see the color.

But when you watch a show like this you can see it and appreciate how well made the movie is. It would have been possible for any film to tell the story but very few can accomplish it.

Cinema today is much more than just a machine that tells you a story. The real action can come from the artistic team behind the scenes. The work of actors is always in fantastic demand.

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