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Will We Ever Wake Up? 2019/11/19 111 min.


The first episode of this series dealt with a man named Johnathan, who was killed in a train accident. When the doctors found out about his brain tumor, they named him "The Coma" as the surgeons were unable to operate on him due to the area of the brain where he was found "being off-limits". He then wakes up and has an amazing, vivid dream. After that the doctors begin to realize that something is wrong and the team tries to find out what it is.

The movie is about an artist called Richard, who has never painted anything that he feels proud of and is therefore reluctant to produce a masterpiece. However, when the man called Richard "The Coma" starts to feel what it is like to be in the Painter's Box, he starts to feel proud and decided to draw his masterpiece: a picture in the comatose state.

While living in Nairobi, Kenya, The Painter got invited to a party by the celebrity chef Nachos, who asked him to come and live with him. The painter meets a doctor called Leute, who also wants to help a comatose patient called Mr. The Painter. Once the painter realized what his task is, he starts to draw a picture with the assistance of the most amazing artist around and called Leute to make a work of art. The painter was gifted a real estate agent Mr. Blanck, who in turn was paid handsomely for his services.

The story focuses on two storylines: The comatose protagonist who is the central character of the film, who has a dream that brings a picture of himself into the Coma's world. This picture represents the real artist and becomes his canvas. The artist tells about his life experiences in which he shares some of his most intimate moments with the painter. When the painter realizes that the painter's world can not exist without him, he decides to stay with him and helps him to paint his masterpiece.

The Painter is mostly concerned with painting, and from that fact, his dreams start to affect the life of the comatose protagonist. The main plot of the movie revolves around the two contrasting views of painting and this subplot becomes highly fascinating to watch. A film that has been praised for its unique look, will never fail to impress. The movie depicts the comatose artist's life without exaggerating too much and portrays his situation accurately.

The story is based on true events, so viewers will never get disappointed. The story is told from the painter's point of view and thus, the viewers can relate with him. Most of the scenes are realistic and have been shot beautifully. The character's reactions to a given situation and to the protagonist's every move become fascinating to watch and will definitely catch the attention of every viewer.

In order to release the story from its "otherworldly" effect, the young male director and producer employed some brilliant cinematography techniques and mastered the use of audio to achieve the desired effect. The Coma's dreamlike state has made this movie popular among young kids and the movie is set in a bus stop in the Bushie neighborhood of Nairobi. This location proves to be a perfect backdrop for the movie and lends a very dreamlike feel to the film.

The Movie is not too long and doesn't feature too many special effects. The characters are believable and each one of them has a story to tell. It will definitely remain in people's minds and the mature audience will surely appreciate the movie.

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