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Many young children love counting down in movies. Counting down from ten to one or vice versa, will make you understand how useful it is to develop your child's counting ability.

You can start counting down for young ones by choosing a movie that features a big musical number that kids love to dance to. Count down songs are great to start young counting skills as early as possible. After all, counting numbers from one to one is easy, but counting down from one to ten and beyond can be more difficult. It takes a little practice and some patience before the simple count down becomes automatic.

One of the best things to do is to start counting down at the beginning of the movie and finish it with one. With lots of excitement and fun in the audience, this will lead the audience to follow along with your kid to see how many cats there are in the entire movie. This will be great for children to develop and continue to learn counting skills.

To use the numbers to your advantage and make it more fun, put the numbers on the special wall, which is in the room where the movie will be shown, and let your guests count them up themselves. This will encourage them to count themselves and the audience together.

For the younger children, have them start counting as soon as they come inside and as they make their way around the room, allowing them to walk as fast as they can along with the crowd. This will cause a great deal of noise to go around the room, encouraging them to keep moving in order to get all the activity they can.

Another way to promote counting to the party is to start counting while your guest are sitting down or as they prepare to eat their food. After the clock shows zero or something close to zero, take them to the couch and hand them a cool drink of water, like a Gatorade, to quench their thirst.

Keep in mind that not all counting numbers will work for every party or for every movie, so it's important to bring different ideas. Be creative and show how it will help your child learn counting skills by planning different activities.

Watching movies with counting down music will also help your young ones to learn counting skills. It will be a fun experience and they will appreciate all the effort you have gone through in order to teach them this skill.

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