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Dark Phoenix (2019)

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The Phoenix will rise. 2019/6/5 114 min.


X-Men Dark Phoenix

Charles Xavier and his team must face the most difficult battle of their lives, the true power of Jean Gray is waking up, she is the only mutant that exceeds the classification scale of her species and will not rest until she gets what she wants.

20Th Century Fox and Marvel presents the latest production of the X-Men entitled Dark Phoenix, this would be the thirteenth film of the mutants, this film takes place immediately after the events of its predecessor X-Men Apocalypse; as a curious fact we can reveal with the creation of Dark Phoenix the film of 2006 The Last Stand is out of the series of films, that is, it is not taken into account thus modifying the chronological thread of the story.

Jean Gray is just a girl, she travels on board the car with her family, suddenly she begins to use her psychic abilities by manipulating the radio, which causes her father to look away from the road to try to calm her down with her mother; when looking ahead it is very late and they hit a truck that was traveling in the opposite direction at high speed, both have lost their lives and Jean has been orphaned.

That tragic accident occurred in the year 1975, Professor Charles Xavier takes her as a tutor and takes her to her school of young talents to offer her a better future; for this, Charles creates barriers in Jean's mind, which block those painful memories full of anger and pain, but also hide part of that immense power.

The story begins in the year 1992; the earth dresses up for the launch of space shuttle Endeavor, but things do not go as expected, a solar explosion impacts the ship and leaves it totally inoperative wandering in space.

The United States government contacts Professor Xavier to come to the rescue of the Endeavor crew, Charles sends the X-Men aboard a jet capable of leaving the atmosphere built by Professor and scientist Hank McCoy, the Squad is led by Raven, and made up of Kurt, Scott, Jean, Peter, and Storm.

The mutants begin to rescue the astronauts, but another wave of solar energy is approaching that can end up destroying them, Jean tries to cover the ship but is hit by the solar blast and is unconscious.

On his way back to earth, Raven reports to Charles what happened and immediately they do all the necessary studies to know his health, the results are incredible, Hank shows them how Jean's power increased after the accident; But the teacher knows that this will have consequences.

One of the subsequent nights, in the special school for young talents of the Professor a reception is made in homage to the brave ones who participated in the rescue of the astronauts; Jean begins to lose control and his powers get out of control, causing panic to those present, Charles manages to control it, but it won't be long.

 Jean begins to break down the mental barriers imposed by Professor Xavier, and the memories and feelings of that accident flood her memory, filling her with anger and pain; He travels to New York, and discovers that his father is still alive, when he finds him he accepts that he abandoned her, causing great pain that brought all the memories of that tragic event.

Guilt, rage and pain unleash all the hidden power of Jean, without realizing it destroys the whole place, Charles and his teams try to stop it but it is impossible to cope with such force; Jean ends up hurting Peter and causing a terrible death.

Desperate, she goes to the island of Genosha in search of Erik Lehnsherr, better known as Magneto, to take revenge on all those who tried to oppress those of his race. But, accept to resume the struggle of his ideals, can he control the powerful Jean turned into the Phoenix, will Charles be able to stop her, or will it be the end of the X-Men?

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