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Dark Waters (2019)

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The truth has a man on the inside. 2019/11/22 127 min.


Dark Waters is a movie that stars Marion Cotillard, Milla Jovovich, and Alex Wolff. You may have seen the movie before in a cultish sort of way, but it's no longer known as such. This movie has made quite a name for itself, and it's only because of its star power.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the more notable people who was involved with this movie, although this doesn't exactly mean that he was the main character. The director of the movie, Mike Flanagan, went to interview DiCaprio about the movie. During the interview, it turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio actually wanted to do a superhero movie, and wanted to be the Flash.

However, the directors wanted to concentrate on DiCaprio, and that is why the movie became Superhero version of The Joker. So this is one of the movies that features some character roles that were meant to give the actor a chance to play a superhero, but instead of taking the role, they had the role taken by someone else. Though this kind of thing happens quite often, especially in movies that are really good, it's still a good thing that this happens, because usually movies are made by people who are interested in the product.

In this movie, DiCaprio plays the role of the main character, and Marion Cotillard plays the part of the femme fatale. Although, she does not have an exclusive role, since Milla Jovovich is also a part of the movie. She plays another character and plays a more helpful role than a character like the main character. Both of them have different roles, which gives them their own storyline, so that's where the similarities end.

Actually, both of them try to get Leo to join the movie, as a way of telling him that the movie is his best option. The movie offers a view of people who live in very difficult situations, who is the main character of the movie, a very dark version of a role model, who really wants to help others.

Dark Waters could also be considered as a sort of Robin Hood story, as some critics mentioned. This movie brings the fact of the villain hiding his face and then having a way of stealing from others. Therefore, he uses a disguise so that no one can see him and then starts the process of robbing from others.

I am not sure if Leo managed to get inside the movie, but I did notice that the scene where he meets the members of the club where he meets his love interest, ended up being cut, making it possible for him to actually get into the club, but he was unable to enter the room. Maybe the producers wanted to make a good movie, but ended up doing something else, rather than what they originally intended to do.

Dark Waters will probably be remembered by people for a long time, so there is a chance that it will get better reviews. I am not sure if it will reach the level of the success of The Martian, but the important thing is that it will have a good performance, and it will create a good impression on the public. So, if you have a chance to watch this movie, I recommend you to do so.

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