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Descendants 3 (2019)

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You didn't think this was the end of the story, did you? 2019/8/9 106 min.


Walt Disney Picture presents the third and final installment of the famous and successful Descendants saga; this story by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott has the direction of Kenneth John Ortega and the production of Tracey Jeffrey and Judy Taylor; the film was released on August 2, 2019, for the United States of America.

The film features the performances of the beautiful actress, songwriter, singer and dancer Chloe Celeste Hosterman, better known as Dove Cameron, who will play Mal; American actress and model Sofia Daccareth Char will be Evie; The recently deceased Cameron Mica Boyce will be Carlos, Nils Allen Stewart Jr. will be Jay; Mitchell Hope will be King Ben; China Anne McClain will be Uma; Brenna D’Amico will be Jane; Sarah Marie Jeffrey will be Audrey; Thomas Doherty will be Thomas Hook; among others.

Finally, Evie, Mal, Jay, and Carlos return to the island of the lost, go to the parties of the new villains, where four places will be raffled to go to Auradon, as they once won. But it is a very special day, King Ben takes the opportunity to ask for the hand of beautiful Mal, the son of Beauty and the Beast wishes to marry the young villain; but as it is to be expected, it is not pleasant news for everyone, Audrey's former King's girlfriend is exploding from jealousy and anger.

At the end of the celebration, an unexpected attack by Hades hits the island of the lost, in an attempt to escape his captivity he throws his embers at the young villains, but Mal manages to contain him by becoming a dragon.

Jealousy and rage cloud Audrey's judgment, so she sneaks into the museum of history and culture and steals the Queen's Crown and the scepter from Maleficent, the dragon's eye; inspired by her new powers, the Queen of Evil proclaims herself.

The next day the news of the theft of the scepter was swift, the crown and the powerful scepter disappeared; King Ben worriedly consults with Fairy Godmother and his fiance Mal about what actions they should take to protect villagers from another possible attack or attempted escape from another villain; they decide that they must seal the barriers of Auradon regardless of the consequences, no one can enter or leave.

That same day at night will celebrate the birthday of Jane, Carlos's girlfriend and daughter of the Fairy Godmother, after a moment of enjoyment and recreation, it is time to leave; when Mal leaves Jane's house, she is ambushed by Audrey, who wields the Dragon Eye and carries the crown on her head; Evil surprised by his attitude tries to make it come into reason, but the hurt Queen of Evil tells her to be silent and casts a spell that makes her a horrible old woman.

All his friends come to his aid to hear the discussion, Audrey manages to flee. Mal warns that Audrey's power is very great and that she is out of control and blind because of jealousy; nothing can stop it, the scepter is indestructible, only Hades's embers are capable of damaging it; the problem is that nobody knows the location in which it is locked.

The adventures of this quintet are just beginning, now they must travel to Hades himself to ask for his help when they did not let him escape; along the way, they will have to face great difficulties and overcome them together if they want to reverse Audrey's spell and save Mal.

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