El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

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2019/10/11 123 min.


The giant of the digital entertainment platforms of Netflix series and movies brings us the continuation in the film format of one of the most successful series of all time, Breaking Bad.

From the hand of the American director and writer Vince Gilligan, and producers Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein, Charles Newirth and actor Aaron Paul, this October 11, 2019, premiered El Camino.

The film features the performances of the American Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman; actress Krysten Alyce Riter as Jane Margolis; Jesse Plemons as Todd Alquist; Matt L. Jones will be Brandon; Charles Baker as Skinny Pete; Scott McArthur as Neil; Scott Shepherd as Casey; Tom Bower as Lou; Larry Hawkin as Joe; Kevin Rankin as Kenny and Tess Harper as Mrs. Pinkman; among others.

Since the year two thousand and thirteen the possibility of giving continuity to the series, something that his fans looked forward to; for 2017 the project was already in the negotiation phase and finally its creator Vince Gilligan would have the opportunity to offer something more of the famous series; In November 2018, the shooting of the tape began, all this happened in New Mexico and lasted sixty days.

But it was until August of this year that the film was confirmed when its producer and distributor Netflix launched the first trailers; the film received positive reviews from the audience, leaving this as a pending closure that ends a long story.

The film begins exactly at the end of the series, that is, it maintains the same story and plot thread; Jesse manages to escape from the Nazi center where he was imprisoned, for this he gets a Chevrolet car El Camino model, hence the origin of the title of the tape.

After a long journey, he arrives at Skinny Pete's house, where he intends to take refuge until he is recovered and then undertake his definitive escape from Albuquerque, so he must strive to gather all the resources and means necessary for it.

Vince Gilligan with this film wanted to close all the pending cycles of his most emblematic characters, which by the way were not many, since one of the virtues of the television series Breaking Bad was the uninterrupted sequence of its stories and the extraordinary way in which loose ends were minimal; which will be resolved with this tape.

One of the points that most caught the attention of fans was the lack of action, which is not necessarily negative, but perhaps leaves a small bitter taste on the palate of the audience; the story was told how it should be narrated, however, the development slows down due to the scarce action scenes.

As interesting points to keep in mind is that, unlike other films inspired by television series, El Camino is closely linked to the content of its seasons; that is, the movie is intended directly for its fans. If the viewer did not see the series and does not know the story, this movie is not to his liking; he will not understand the passages of the characters and will not enjoy it at all, it is something that does not play in favor of the producer but that will undoubtedly rescue a specific audience.

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