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Ford v Ferrari (2019)

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They took the American dream for a ride 2019/11/13 153 min.


Directed by James Mangold (Logan), the new Ford v. Ferrari is a biographical film located in the '60s that tells us the story of how the famous car company "Ford" decided to enter the motor racing competition to beat also famous and prestigious "Ferrari‚ÄĚ, which at that time was number 1 on the track.

The main objective was to conquer the first places and win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most prestigious and hard race in the industry, so the American company decided to recruit the best in the field as was Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) car designer and former driver, and Ken Myles (Christian Bale) a mechanic and racing expert, to lead Ford towards the victory over Ferrari, but the story is obviously full of sweat, blood and tears, without mentioning the endless drama, but watch it now to see it for yourself.

The director James Mangold is a great narrator and has told us extraordinary stories like Johnny & June - Passion and Madness and Land of police, so in his newest movie, in which we can see he put a lot of effort, Ford v. Ferrari, he tells us a vertiginous story in a very emotional and entertaining way, and in practically no time we noticed that the movie lasts 2 hours and 33 minutes,

The exciting thing about the racing sequences is that they will make you jump from the seat and wished that the protagonists obtained their triumph, you can really feel the frustrations and victories of the characters as if they were yours as well, and this is what makes a movie really stand out amongst the whole lot.

The original title makes us think that the villains of the film would be those of "Ferrari", but only for moments the executives or pilots play that role, but the real enemies to beat are the executives or organizational team of "Ford", who at first they look for Shelby for the construction of the racing car but with the passage of history they try to curb the intentions of the leading duo, for wanting to improve the image of the company, it is incredible the amount of hypocrisy and drama shown in this movie, but we are totally here for it, watch it online to truly understand.

Christian Bale offers such an intense performance that at times it makes us hate the character for being so stubborn but at the same time, it reflects Ken Myles in such an exact way as the books and stories of motoring tell.

The visual and sound design is the best, so the recommendation is to enjoy the tape Ford v. Ferrari on the big screen, the work done in the reconstruction of the racing sequences is great, imagine the noise of the engines, the cars at full speed, and the laps that make us almost jump to the screen, that feeling has to be lived in the cinema and that few films in recent years make it.

In his first weekend "Ford v. Ferrari" has swept the box office and raised $ 31,037,000 in the United States and Canada, and $ 21,400,000 in the world, crushing the new version of Charlie's Angels in his week of premiere, in addition to receiving compliments and good comments by specialized critics, I can only say that they have to see and enjoy in the coming days. This only shows how strong this movie is, crushing a movie so much more important in terms of a title like Charlie's Angels.

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