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2019/9/22 100 min.


On October 11, 2019, the giant of digital visual entertainment platforms, Netflix, premiered his new cinematographic work entitled Fractured; an original story written by Alan B. McElroy, directed by the American Brad Anderson and produced by the trio formed by Neal Edelstein, Mike Macari, and Paul Schiff.

The film features the performances of Australian Samuel Henry John Worthington in the lead role as Roy Monroe; Stephen Harold Tobolowsky as Doctor Berthram; the beautiful theater actress, Lily Rabe, as Joanne Monroe; the renowned British actress Adjoa Andoh is Dr. Isaacs; and Little Lucy Capri will be Peri Monroe.

This film was released worldwide in the projections of the Fantastic Fest on September 22, 2019, and placed on the digital platform by subscription on October 11 of the same year; the film has an acceptable level of seventy-three percent and a weighting by the specialized critic of seven out of ten.

This drama and suspense tape is set in the current era, and deals with the harsh history of a family made up of three members who took a trip on land roads, traveling the American roads for the Thanksgiving Day

The family nucleus was composed of Roy Monroe, his pretty wife Joanne Monroe and their little daughter Peri Monroe; after a long journey on the car, Roy says he is very tired, wants to stop for a moment to hydrate, go to the toilet, walk a little and rest his eyes; so they decide for the next service station.

When they arrive, they get out of the car they begin to walk, next to the station is a large construction, the little one begins to play and unwittingly falls to the bottom of it, and her father throws herself behind her to try to rescue her, resulting both very badly injured, Roy accuses a strong bruise on his head and little Peri has fractured her left arm.

They immediately move to the nearest hospital, where they are taken care of quickly, little Peri sends her to the x-ray room to make a plaque, while Roy is sutured with the wound in his head; at that moment and due to exhaustion, the blow and the strong emotions lived, Roy falls fainted in the hospital waiting room.

 Hours later he wakes up and immediately begins to look for his wife Joanne and daughter Peri, he goes to the nurses' room which asks him to lie down so that he can recover, without giving him any response to the location of his wife and daughter, start searching on your own and ask in the entrance department; there they indicate that he arrived alone, without any of the people he mentions.

Roy shocked by the answer they give him begins to despair and continues to search and interrogate doctors and nurses, always getting the same answer, he arrived alone and nobody knows the whereabouts of Joanne or Peri.

Roy seeks help with two police officers to check the hospital and help him get his family, the officers talk to the doctors and they tell him the same thing, the patient arrived only at the hospital, but that motivated the strong bruise that received in the head, his brain was affected and is creating hallucinations.

Police officers try to calm him down, but for him what he hears is totally absurd, they are hiding his family; officers ask doctors to apply a painkiller so he can go back to sleep and recover his sanity, but Roy quickly manages to escape the view of police, nurses, and doctors; now he goes through all the hospital facilities in search of Joanne and Peri.

So, this excellent movie will make us doubt Roy's sanity and for a little over a hundred minutes ask us if what we saw really happened or were simply delusions or dreams of the protagonist.

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