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The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 103 min.


After six years of the 'Frozen' premiere, Disney revealed the first official 'Frozen 2' teaser. The entertainment company has not shared, so far, an official synopsis. Something that has intrigued the followers of this animated film. It is not yet known what turn the story of Elsa and Anna will have, until we have the movie released this month, more specifically on the 22th, the movie's already had the first screening for the critics, although they obviously could not reveal any spoilers of it, so we'll have to stick by what the trailers say.

In this first preview, the strongest and most determined protagonists are appreciated than in the prequel 'Frozen'. For that reason, we decided to analyze the plans shown in the teaser to try to know what the new movie will be about.

In the final part of the movie 'Frozen', Elsa managed to defrost the heart and whole body of her sister Anna thanks to the great love they had. This was the first time in a Disney movie that the act of love did not come from a man, but from fraternal love.

Anna also rejected Prince Hans, who wanted to take over Arendelle's throne. In the end, Anna corresponded to Kristoff, who was really in love with her.

The final scene concluded with Elsa learning to master her powers and cheering her friends from the castle with her powers made of ice. All this while summer came.

In the first teaser scene, Elsa is seen trying to face the sea with her powers. Something that can be reflected as surpassing herself, and as seen on the screen will not be a simple task.

In the trailer you can see that they are entering the fall, you can see the trees full of brown leaves and the grass-covered with them. It also becomes more explicit at the end of the teaser when the leaves that fall on the letters of the final "Frozen 2" logo are dropped.

After Elsa's long scene controlling her powers while facing the sea, Anna looks out the window of the castle. The princess is scared and surprised by some symbols, which so far we do not know its meaning.

The Kristoff character will return to Frozen 2. He appears next to Sven with an army of reindeer that seems to be going to rescue someone. Maybe help Elsa or Anna.

According to a brief sequence in the teaser, you can see that Anna is alone again, without her sister. The young woman is in a rocky and quite hostile place.

The beloved character Olaf will appear in the new Disney movie, accompanying Elsa again. In this part of the teaser, the queen is in a landscape very different from the beach at the beginning, and it seems that she is trying to put out a fire in a forest. I don't know what has produced it.

In the breakthrough, a woman in a jacket attire appears. This character is not the prequel. She is presented with another character that emerges from the leaves of the forest behind her. You can't see if it's Kristoff (by the hair) or another man.

Almost to finish the teaser, you see the five protagonists gathered. They are looking at the horizon as if they saw something destroyed or as if they were planning a trip.

One of the things that most caught the attention of this breakthrough, many people have associated it with an "action movie", is that Anna, who in the first 'Frozen' movie appears as someone sweet, in the sequel takes a sword and she's not afraid to use it to defend Kristoff.

There's a lot of interesting things in this movie, Elsa seems to be a quest to discover something about her powers, and there's much mystery that according to the attendants of the first screening, may or may not be related with the death of Anna and Elsa's parents.

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