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Who will save you from yourself? 2019/10/2 117 min.


At this point, science fiction is a genre that has tried almost everything. In that sense, the creativity of many artists has seen the genre expand in various forms on screen, all in order to communicate messages, ideas, contexts and other narrative figures that seek to conflict with our daily lives. With that frame of reference, the issue of cloning, as well as its different meanings for humanity, is a theme that has also been touched upon earlier in Hollywood and other smaller films.

The purpose of many of these films is to try to provide dense elements to some philosophical positions that seek to debate whether it is okay for a man to play God. This is where Gemini Man comes in, a film that sets aside everything described above to further support the action and the great technological advances that have given us one of the most elaborate films in visual terms. Unfortunately, that has a cost and is an argumentative and narrative level, Gemini Man is at a much lower level.

The production of this film ended many years ago, but it was not until recently that, Gemini Man, found a better opportunity for realization when the project was approached by the award-winning director Ang Lee. Lee, in the company of advanced filming technology, and the charisma of Will Smith, plunged into bringing the expected film to life.

In a few lines, Gemini Man focuses on Henry Brogan (Will Smith) and how his decision to leave his post of "murderer for the government" will have severe repercussions on his life and those who have been related to him. It is at that time that Clayton Varris (Clive Owen), director of Gemini, decides to send Junior, Henry's youngest clone, in order to eliminate him and take his place as the new active assassin.

Up to that point, the plot sounds really good, since the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe story is to confront two perspectives of the same person and understand how each of them has their own criteria, reasons, and motives. And we must say that Will Smith does a very good job of trying to capture that on the screen, doing double work on stage. Smith already has a lot of experience in action movies and, on his own, he is able to carry on his shoulders some productions that may be less stable verses at the structural level.

Unfortunately, Smith's charisma and great ability do not end up being enough to make the film, as a whole, feel like a rewarding experience (and we have two Will Smiths). What happens is that where there are many elements that shine in visual terms (we'll get to that later), the film ignores any other narrative aspect, as if somehow everything was in function of the action scenes. This gives us a product with very little content and weight, making it linked to the superficial.

While that is something that could go unnoticed in any other standard action movie of the genre, we think we are facing a time when the same viewers demand more. Only the issue of cloning and its different scopes is attractive enough to question many things. Unfortunately, towards the end of Gemini Man, there is very little left for debate and the final conversations are reduced to how well everything looks.

We think that, for the most part, those are the highlights to correct. And, on the other hand, the film is also full of many elements that work incredibly well, and are worth mentioning. A few lines ago we mentioned the remarkable role of the double role of Will Smith, whose charisma also manages to lead to his co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It is quite clear that there is very entertaining chemistry between both actors and that they help us to invest in how quickly they go from being unknown to colleagues struggling to stay alive.

Some time ago we have seen Winstead perform in other science fiction films, but this is one of the first times we see the actress dive so comfortably in an action movie. We would definitely like to see her much more in this genre since she feels very natural and has enough resources to give us truly remarkable interpretations.

To close the review, it is clear that Gemini Man is a bet that goes fully towards the most adrenaline aspects, making use of really advanced techniques that highlights the great moment that computer work is taking.

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