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Grand Isle is the first stop for anybody planning to travel by air to the beautiful islands of Europe. The island is well known for its picturesque landscape, but more importantly, it is a top surfing spot and the crystal blue ocean is the perfect backdrop for some of the best surfing in the world. The island has also become one of the most popular wedding destinations in Europe, with the extensive beach and secluded nature trails making it a great location for romantic breaks. If you have a family vacation in mind, Grand Isle is a perfect place to be. It offers a wide range of activities for families, singles or couples, from sightseeing and surfing to golfing and fishing.

The island is home to three sandy beaches that each offer unique experiences. Lovers of the sand can explore the beach at Fort Henry State Park, which features a nature trail and picnic area, or venture into the sea at the nearby Atlantic Ocean beach. While visitors to Grand Isle will find that there are many beautiful beaches to visit, the most famous beach is Isle de Jean. Here tourists can lay on the white sand beaches and just enjoy the warm weather and scenery.

Of course, the island is best known for its natural beauty and attractions. Two of the most well-known natural attractions are the Grand Hotel du Sacre and the Grand Sable Mountain. Both of these resorts offer spectacular views of the surrounding scenery. The Grand Hotel du Sacre hosts some of the best golf courses in all of France, and is a great stop on any trip to France. The hotel itself sits on a lovely parcel of land on the mountainside, and visitors can hike to its base and take a tour of the property.

When you do want to do something special on your vacation to Grand Isle, you can choose to stay at one of its many seaside accommodations. Lovers of the water and the sand will be intrigued by the variety of rentals available on the island. The most luxurious of these lodgings can be found on the beach, where visitors can dine al fresco and swim to their hearts' content. If you are staying somewhere in the vicinity of a beach, be sure to plan a trip out to the seashore before your trip to Grand Isle, as there will be many opportunities for water sports during your stay.

One other thing that many people do not realize about Grand Sable is that it is home to the only underwater zoo in France. With over 40 different species of animals featured, including snakes, turtles, sharks, eels, fish and more, there is something for everyone to love at the zoo. You can learn all about the marine ecosystem of the island while enjoying the beautiful sights of nature up close. This is also one of the few places in the world where you can dive and snorkel in the same pool.

No matter what you want to see or do on Grand Sable, there is a vacation rental that can take you there. Some of the most beautiful and luxurious lodging options are located on the island itself, while other vacation rentals are available to rent by the day or week. There are many online travel agencies that offer accommodations to include vacation rentals at Grand Sable, so you can make the most out of your trip without worrying about budgeting. You can even make reservations online for the various attractions and activities that you want to participate in.

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