Hello, Love, Goodbye
Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)

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2019/7/31 118 min.


The Colossi of the Filipino television and film industry, CBN Films and ABS Images, in partnership with Warner Bros Productions, present a drama and comedy film, directed by Catherine Rosales García Molina and produced by Carlo L. Katigbak and Olivia M. Lamasan

This sobering cinematographic production leaves a rather interesting message, especially for people who for one reason or another must leave the land that saw them born to venture into other latitudes in search of new opportunities or better living conditions.

This romantic comedy features the peculiar performances of the two most famous television figures of that country, both in different signals, the beautiful actress Kathryn Chadria Manuel Bernardo of the ABS-CBN network and the famous actor, presenter and animator Alden Reyes Faulkerson Jr. Better known as Alden Richards of the GMA Network, both in leading roles personifying Joy Marie Fabregas and Ethan Del Rosario respectively.

The story takes place in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, where the majority of immigrants arriving in the People's Republic of China reside; Joy Fabregas is a young entrepreneur of the generation called Millennials, she works as a maid, and dreams of a better future outside the borders of her country, although her current life is her highest aspiration, she always struggles to achieve something better and is constantly overcoming.

On the contrary, Ethan Del Rosario is a young man of similar age who works as a bartender in the city of Hong Kong, leads a wildlife, women, and parties are his passion; the young man is close to obtaining permanent resident status and once he succeeds he plans to put aside his previous life and seek stability to build the foundations of a future family.

Joy seems to have all her future planned, her work as a housekeeper is temporary, she gathers to soon leave the country and pursue her future; despite being a very loved and respected person by their peers and superiors due to their extraordinary performance. But everything will change when a night like any other meets Ethan Del Rosario, the young and messy bartender.

They immediately combined, a lot of chemistry between them, after a couple of outings a good friendship was born; one was the complement of the other, they did nothing alone since that day, they were always together and fought against the Hong Kong system so as not to let themselves be absorbed by it and lose their dreams.

This film represented a success for the modest Filipino cinema, as director Catherine Rosales García Molina managed to capture in history all the hardships that pass the poor immigrants who fight in a race against time to get a better future; there are more than ten million Filipinos spread all over the world, especially in the Asian continent and perhaps that was an advantage to memories or hope for many of them.

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