Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

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Nothing is stronger than family. 2019/8/1 137 min.


The inexhaustible Fast and Furious franchise continues to pay off, this time Universal Pictures presents a spin-off of the original plot providing a refresh in its characters and taking away a bit of prominence to the already beaten automobile fiction, this does not mean that it is not show, but this time in less proportion, thus highlighting other aspects of the tape.

This successful film still retains two of its figures that although they did not act in the previous eight installments at least collect two participations, we refer to the world-famous Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, who took a fairly important role in the last Fast & Furious 8.

As new members of the franchise we find the beautiful British actress Vanessa Kirby whom we can remember not only for her beautiful face and incredible figure but also for her excellent participation in films such as Mission Impossible Fallout, and television series such as The Crown, for which he won a couple of awards as best supporting actress; The first Idris Elba also joins the cast of Hobb & Shaw, the first actor also participated in major productions such as Thor, Avengers, Acuaman, American Gangster, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, among others.

Hobb & Shaw was released in the United States on August two of two thousand nineteen; and it enjoys a totally positive reception for the general public reaching eighty-nine percent acceptance, making it the seventh highest grossing film of two thousand nineteen; At the level of ticket revenues, I am able to collect the extraordinary figure of seven hundred and twenty-two million dollars worldwide.

The direction of the film was in charge of David Leitch, who started work after completing his task with Deadpool 2; in the direction we find Chris Morgan and Hiriam García, who had the collaboration of the protagonists Johnson and Statham; the story and adaptation of the script was the task of Chris Morgan.

The film as usual is set in various parts of the world, England, United States, Ukraine, Hawaii and Scotland, are the locations used for this film.

The story begins with the transfer of a delicate and deadly virus called SnowFlake, which is heavily guarded by an MI6 convoy released by the agent Haitte Shaw (Vanessa Kirby), but they are intercepted by the terrorist group Eteon, which is commanded by former British special forces soldier Brixton Loren; This mercenary danger eliminates all members of MI6 with the exception of Haiti who injects the virus as a last resort so as not to lose it to Loren.

Knowing what happened, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), immediately contacts Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw to locate Haiti who is Deckard's sister and rescue the virus; Both are reluctant to work together, they must do so to avoid a worldwide tragedy.

The first step must be to find Haiti, for this they agree that Deckard checks his house for any clue and Luke patrols the streets; This second one succeeds and gets Agent Shaw, and immediately takes her to the agency's headquarters in London.

Gathered in the CIA they are attacked by the terrorist group and Brixton Loren himself, whom Deckard immediately recognizes, but he manages to capture Haiti and take it with him; Shaw tells Hobbs that they face a very dangerous subject and that he was killed before, or so he thought.

Brixton was improved cybernetically after his encounter with Shaw, the terrorist group Eteon found him badly injured and with almost no vital signs, and used it as a test subject for his technological prototypes resulting in an individual with human skills.

Luke and Deckard must rescue Haiti and extract the virus to save and their lives and prevent terrorists from spreading the deadly SnowFlake over the world population, they must ask for help if they want to succeed in this mission.

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