How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

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The friendship of a lifetime 2019/1/3 104 min.


There comes a crucial moment for everyone who has had a child, who has seen him cry, get sick, play, grow, study, cry again, get angry, get angry, dream, and achieve some of those dreams. That crucial moment is the moment to let him go, time to let him fly by himself.

How to train your dragon: the hidden world uses a similar metaphor to structure its history and definitely closes the animated universe of Vikings and dragons.

Is this initial premise enough to shape the film? Is it an appropriate closure to the trilogy? Is it worth going to see her? Well, below we have the answers.

After establishing Berk as a dragon refuge with his mother Valka (Cate Blanchett), Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) faces the fact that his small domain has become an easy target that sets to its inhabitants and its dragons in danger; therefore he decides to make a journey to the mythical Hidden World, the place of origin of the dragons in search of refuge.

What Hiccup does not count on is that a legendary dragon slayer named Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham/Ricardo Tejedo) has a very well structured plan to end once and for all what he calls ‚Äúthe plague of dragons‚ÄĚ using the same Toothless instincts as a tool.

In addition to the powerful premise on which the film is based, it must be recognized that the DreamWorks animators put the card to this film, there are shots that are simply spectacular and completely consistent with the design established in the previous films, as a perfect complement that was only revealed in this installment. And all accompanied by excellent musicalization.

At a visual level, the film represents a great advance over previous deliveries. If we get exquisite, it does not mean a great advance if we compare it with its predecessor, but with respect to that first installment released in 2010. The quality of the animation, as well as the degree of detail of textures, modeling, simulations of everything type and environments,  is simply fascinating, turning out to be a whole, a production designed to be seen in the best cinemas. Another thing that is impossible to forget is his great soundtrack. John Powell has amply demonstrated how to bring the image to life with compositions such as 'This is Berk' or 'Where’s Hiccup', both of that wonderful first installment. On this occasion, he delights us again with scores that speak for themselves, and that constitutes a great foundation in that epic and emotional ending that the tape offers.

Likewise, the film is fun and entertaining, but always with a purpose in hand. This makes a big difference with some Universal Pictures animations that are simply a bunch of colors mounted on top of each other to entertain children who still wear diapers.

The only weakness of this film is that, despite its premise and its good animation, its argument is highly derivative. We have a leader who does not know if he is going to be a good leader and who needs a girlfriend to defend him. We have the bully who sees himself as better and superior than the leader, the silly characters that serve to make the audience laugh, and the worst villain of the world, for no apparent reason as to why he is villain. Nothing that has not been seen in hundreds of other films.

A film that without being precisely the breaking point of all time in the universal animation, works both as entertainment for the little ones, as a reflection for the older ones, especially those who bear the title of dads and moms.

Original title How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
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