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2019/9/12 110 min.



This dramatic-cut film premiered on September 13, 2019, directed by Lorena Scafaria, produced by Jessica Elbaum, inspired by Jessica Pressler's article published in 2015 in the famous New York Magazine print medium, and adapted to the Big screen by its director Lorena Scafaria.

It has a first level acting payroll, starting with the famous singer and actress of the Bronx Jennifer Lopez who plays the veteran stripper, Ramona Vega,; Constance Wu is Dorothy, a young mother who uses her body to live; New Yorker Julia Stiles will also be the skilled journalist Elizabeth; the native singer and songwriter from Illinois Keke Palmer will play the stripper Mercedes, while the beautiful Lili Reinhart, and the rappers Lizzo and Cardi B will personify the stripper Annabelle, Liz and Diamond respectively.

The story begins with the interview of the journalist Elizabeth to Dorothy; who investigates a famous case of massive scams in the city of New York, allegedly carried out by his former friend Ramona and a group of women dedicated to nudist activity.

Everything goes back a year 2007; a stage that Dorothy would like to forget forever; Under the pseudonym of Destiny, the young woman worked in a nudist bar called Moves, where she danced and worked as a stripper without much success.

In that same club Ramona works, a successful dancer and nudist who lifts everyone from her seats, Ramona is everyone's favorite and the main show of the establishment; but his age is already marking the times; One night Destiny bumps into Ramona on the roof of Moves, for whom he feels deep admiration; Dorothy tackles her and asks her to train her, and advises her since she can hardly take some food to her house with what little she earns; for your good fortune Ramona accepts.

Ramona's first lesson is short and concise; It shows you how to classify your customers, there are only three different types; the insecure, are those men who do not spend a penny for fear of being discovered by their partners, but who visit the place frequently; club customers; men who go to the club for a couple of drinks or beers and leave some dollars on the stage; and last but most importantly, executives, professional men with lucrative jobs who do not hesitate to spend a good amount of money for a night of pleasure and fun; With an exclamation, he lets you know that this is the type of customer that should be served.

Ramona and Destiny (Dorothy) form an explosive duo; all their clients are of the third type and pay very good money to enjoy their artistic skills; both girls do very well financially, Dorothy manages to get her grandmother and son ahead and earns good money.

But good things are not forever; a year later, and thanks to the financial crisis that the country is going through, the duo Ramona & Destiny no longer have the same number of customers and they see each other again in broken banking.

Dorothy tries to find a job, but her lack of experience closes all the doors, if that were not enough, she is pregnant and her partner leaves her; after the birth of her daughter, this single mother must get money to move forward; without more options he returns to Moves to resume his work as a nudist; But the rules of the game have changed and the club requires its workers to have sex with any client that is willing to pay.

Dorothy contacts Ramona, who proposes to join a business she maintains with her friends Annabelle and Mercedez; it is about addressing potential and wealthy clients, intoxicating them and taking them to the club with the promise of having sex, once there they would empty their credit cards without him noticing.

Thus begins this tortuous adventure where these risky girls will live situations to the limit to obtain money and will make them reconsider on the path they are taking.

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