In the Shadow of the Moon
In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

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2019/9/27 115 min.


In the Shadow of the Moon

Written by Geoff Tock and Gregory Weidman comes the new production of the most powerful digital media company for cinema and television, Netflix; a thriller and dark film directed by Jim Mickle and produced by Ben Pugh, Linda Moran, Ryan Cahill and Brian Kavanaugh Jones.

It was released in digital format on September 27, 2019, and features the performances of the American actor and model Boyd Holbrook who will play Thomas Lockhart; the experienced Australian actress will be Rya; the beautiful protagonist of the famous FX Legion series, Rachel Keller will personify Jean; while Hollywood veteran Bokeem Woodbine will be Detective Maddox; Michael C. Hall known for his Dexter roll will be Holt.

The film is set more than three decades ago, it is the year 1988 and a strange phenomenon occurs in the city of Philadelphia; a group of people die bled simultaneously; a rather unique fact that quickly attracts the attention of officer Thomas Lockhart, who sees the opportunity to become a detective if he manages to resolve the case.

Maddox, a partner of Thomas Lockhart in the local police, is not very animated with the idea, he thinks it does not work for them. Detective Holt is Thomas's brother-in-law, he presents his theory regarding the case, but he doesn't pay much attention to it; finally, Lockhart gets conclusive evidence about the mysterious death of these people, which make Holt react positively and capture their attention.

Lockhart manages to prove that all the victims were killed in the same way, and their injuries are identical; which leads us to think that we are facing one or some serial killers. The couple Lockhart and Maddox locates a robbery victim in the streets of the city, it had a wound exactly the same as the previous phenomenon; fortunately they arrive on time and this manages to give a description of the murderer.

He describes the aggressor as a woman of about twenty-five or twenty-eight years of age, African American, and with a terrible wound on her hand; the police transmit the information to their superior, Lieutenant Holt; which organizes a search and tracking operation through all the streets of the city to locate the murderer.

Lockhart and Maddox chase a suspect who agrees with the descriptions provided by the victim, they go aboard the subway, the Maddox officer tries to stop her, but she confronts him and submits to pleasure, when Lockhart also attacks, but surprisingly the woman begins To give him details about his life, he predicts that his wife will give birth to his son that same day, Lockhart impressed continues to fight with the aggressor, who before being hit by a train tells Thomas that his wife will die.

Lieutenant Holt concludes the case with the death of the mysterious woman, but officer Lockhart feels something else is happening; Thomas is alerted that his wife is in the hospital having his son, but unfortunately he dies in the process as predicted by the African-American woman.

A decade later a series of protests against police violence meet in the streets of the city, and an imitator begins a wave of murders under the same modus operating of that mysterious woman; the now detective Thomas Lockhart takes the case to try to solve it; However, unlike at that time, there is no connection or pattern among the victims.

So, begins an extraordinary police investigation full of suspense, emotion, and darkness that will keep us in tension until the last second of the tape.

Original title In the Shadow of the Moon
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