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In the Tall Grass (2019)

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Something evil lies 2019/9/20 102 min.


The premise of In The Tall Grass is very simple. A group of people enter a field of tall grass... And cannot leave. Despite starting from such a simple argument, this thriller will focus on his characters, their personal relationships and the problems that will emerge while they are lost among the grass and full trapped in the first minutes. No, it's not just about family dramas, since like every good work by Stephen King (and Hill) it includes several supernatural and spooky elements, proving that this particular tall grass is not what it seems.

The main plot of this Netflix movie focuses on two siblings, Can and Becky, the latter being six months pregnant, while on a road trip. During a small stop, they stop the car next to a field of tall grass and hear a small child, he cries out for help. As there is no coverage to call and, anyway, the boy sounds quite close, the two decide to enter the tall grass to rescue him.

Soon they realize that there is something that is definitely not right with the grass field. The voices seem to change places and as you go deeper and deeper into the grass, the laws of time and space seem to lose all meaning. Can and Becky soon discover that they are not the only ones trapped in the field, since Tobin, the boy they wanted to rescue, also went into it with his parents and his dog after hearing the screams of a man who was also lost in the interior, the chain seems to follow while the tall grass attracts more and more good Samaritans.

The main attraction of In The Tall Grass is its good rhythm and how it knows how to maintain the intrigue and mystery from the start. The plot is not entertained with too much exposure and goes to the point from the beginning, introducing the characters in the grass field in the first minutes of the movie, since it will have plenty of time to explain their dramas and tell us why they are caught in the tall grass.

Little by little, new elements are introduced, such as planes that must be observed by the characters, or the movements of the grass itself with what can be intuited that it is not completely normal and natural, along with the possibility of different lines and jumps in time. In The Tall Grass plays very well with the times and gradually builds the most horrible moments, although unfortunately it deflates in the final stretch. In the third third, the rhythm begins to run over and decay, leaving the intrigue and the mystery with which we had presented the field of grass almost like a haunted mansion, and betting more on a somewhat gore scenario and not finish clearing all the unknowns of the tall grass.

Almost all interpreters are great strangers, but both Layla De Olivera (Becky) and Harrison Gilbertson (Travis) hold their stories well and carry much of the plot on their backs. Patrick Wilson, the most veteran and already known of the genre for his role as Ed Warren in the Warren Records films, manages to steal almost every scene in which he appears, managing to add more and more layers to his character as we spend more time in the tall grass

If you like psychological dramas and suspense stories that leave you analyzing the plot and the end for two days, In The Tall Grass deserves an opportunity, since you compensate for the simpleness of its argument with a good construction and the necessary plot twists so you can keep it glued to the screen. And yes, after seeing it you will not want to approach a similar field in quite some time.

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