Inside Man: Most Wanted
Inside Man: Most Wanted (2019)

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2019/9/24 106 min.


The English director Michael J. Basset, together with the director Ogden Gavanski, presents us with a spin-off of the two thousand six-hit movies 'Inside Man'; this kind of sequel written and adapted by the master Vanick Moradian, was released by Universal Pictures on September 24, 2019; this film went directly to home format, Blu-Ray & DVD.

This film features the performances of the English actor Alm Eysan Ameen who plays Remy Darbonne; German actor Urs Rechn as Maynar Schmidt; British actress and model Roxanne McKee are Ariella Barash, and actress Rhea Seehorn will play Dr. Brynn Stewart.

Again we are faced with a typical American story of police and thieves; however, for this case, the director manages to capture the attention of the audience for how well worked the narrative thread was and the correct sequence of the plot.

The objective is on Wall Street, the Federal Reserve building of the United States of America has been taken by a group of finely organized assailants with extensive experience in the field; Inside the building hundreds of tourists have been taken hostage to attract the attention of the authorities and avoid all kinds of tactical operations inside the facilities.

The presence of the authorities is not long in coming; the squadrons of the local New York police and the FBI are in attendance, in charge of the risk situation negotiation specialist, the officer Remy Darbonne, and the special agent Brynn Stewart, respectively.

Ariella Barash identifies herself as the leader of the group of assailants and suggests that her goal is a shipment of gold that was confiscated from the Nazis and remains in custody in the vaults of the building.

However, minutes later, the special agents know the news of the real reason because Barash is participating in the millionaire assault; both officers have reliable sources, but at the moment they do not share the information. Arthur Case, a known assailant, and kidnapper were placed under house arrest for a robbery committed with Dalton Russell; Dietrich, another criminal, is Arthur's son, he kidnaps Dalton and forces, Ariella, to participate in the Federal Reserve assault to guarantee financial compensation for everything that has happened to his father.

Ariella Barash and her sister Ava have a plan B up their sleeve; they must first gain time to be able to make Darbonne and Stewart understand the delicate situation; Once they understand what is happening, both women have left everything prepared to offer a clandestine negotiation with the authorities.

For his part, Ava intentionally left a photograph exposed for Darbonne to get when he investigates his file, which shows the biological relationship with Dietrich's hostage; that way they will understand that they are obliged to act to preserve Dalton's life.

Ariella sends a mobile phone to Stewart through whom they will negotiate, the conditions are explicit, the authorities must arrest Dietrich and save Dalton and they will deliver the stolen gold and all the attackers.

Both authorities agree that it is a good strategy to dismantle that criminal gang, save the hostages, recover the cargo of gold and save a victim; Stewart at the head of the FBI proceeds with the arrest of Dietrich and the recovery of gold; but that movement was lethal to Dalton, since he was killed in the German capital, Berlin.

Ariella and Ava manage to escape surprisingly, but with the firm conviction of avenging Dalton's death as it gives rise.

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