Ip Man 4: The Finale
Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

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2019/12/19 107 min.


Pegasus Motion Pictures will premiere on December 20, 2019, the fourth and final installment of the famous mixed martial arts saga Ip Man, this would be the fourth film and was made under the direction of Wilson Yip, and the production of Raymond Wong is an original story by Edmond Wong.

The film had a budget of fifty-two million dollars and a great reception is expected from fans of this saga of drama, action, and fight; since a key point is the participation of the great precursor of Kung Fu, the teacher, and Hollywood actor Bruce Lee.

His small protagonist cast is composed of the actors, Donnie Yen who repeats his interpretation of the master Ip Man; Hong Kong actor and singer Danny Chang Kwok Kwan is in charge of reviving the figure of Bruce Lee; Irishman Scott Edward Adkins will play a ruthless Russian fighter named Yuri Boyka; and finally Taiwanese singer and TV animator Vaness Wu will be one of Lee's students.

On this occasion, the Kung Fu teacher and Wing Chu-style precursor, Ip Man, must travel to the United States of America, where his favorite pupil and student tries to open a small and modest martial arts school to propagate Asian culture and teach the art of Wing Chu.

Bruce Lee resides in the Chinatown of the city of San Francisco, California; the inhabitants of that particular community are very jealous people with their culture, especially the elderly and teachers; Bruce will soon open his Kung Fu school in Chinatown; but the community does not agree to accept North American students, they will not allow whites and Afro-descendants of that country to adopt their culture and much less know their secrets.

Martial arts with sacred worship for Asians and by that time it was an offense for people from another culture to practice that ancient art that they have protected and cultivated for hundreds of generations.

Bruce sees an opportunity on American soil to publicize the art of Kung Fu, extend his culture to other people and make martial arts a universal cult; but things will not be as easy as he thinks them; the great bosses of the most powerful families in the Chinatown will try to prevent Lee from fulfilling his dream, they will never allow him to teach the Americans.

The Ip Man teacher must fly to America to support his pupil and help him earn the respect of the teachers of the Chinese community of San Francisco, not only with the art of Wing Chu but also with the power of speech and intelligence.

As usual, the master Ip Man will give us great fighting, along with his pupil we will enjoy excellent fighting scenes and leave us a great message of conscience and equality.

This great saga comes to an end, a journey that began in 2008 puts an end to this fourth installment after eleven years of experience; its protagonist Donnie Yen Diao to know officially through his social networks that he will not play the master of Kung Fu Ip Ma again.

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