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After It, the success of 2017 and the first part of this story, this continuation was expected, which concludes the adaptation of Stephen King's famous book. The same team is kept behind and in front of cameras as well, which we are very happy about. One of the differences, however, has to do with the cast, since the story is now in the new millennium, with the children of the first chapter turned into troubled forties and scattered around different cities in the United States.

It: Chapter 2 begins with a phone call from Mike Halon (Isaiah Mustafa), the only one who stayed in Derry, a small county in Maine. Mike calls all the members of The Losers Club, a band that includes Beverly (Jessica Chastain), the girl in the group, but also the others, including the stuttering Bill (James McAvoy), the chubby Ben (Jay Ryan), and the funny Richie (Bill Hader).

How could it be otherwise, it is a call marked by tragedy: Derry's friends must fulfill their promise to deal with the Pennywise clown (Bill Skarsgård). This monstrous character, fed by the fears of The Losers, has returned to town. The script, an adaptation of Gary Dauberman, has a good start with this intriguing reunion, by the way, marked by more than one sinister event.

Despite this first half-hour, where the director Andy Muschietti sports a sophisticated and surreal visual imagery - that helps the artistic design that uses red balloons, as well as the dislocated looks and sharp teeth of the clown -, the problems begin to be noticed. One of them, perhaps the main one, has to do with the amount of themes, subplots, and characters that the film intends to cover.

The group of reunited friends never displays their friendship, not even their personalities. The resource of the 'flashback', where the viewer observes a scene from the past that explains a trauma of the present for each member of the band, refers us to the 2017 film. The result is that it seems that we are in the middle of two different films, without being able to understand and sympathize well with any.

The achievement of It (2017) was to rebuild the eighties in the North American suburbs. But, above all, to suggest the horror in everyday moments, in those corners of shadow where adults played a monstrous role. In fact, the evil Pennywise was a symbol, the hallucinatory metaphor of a daily reality. And perhaps they were precisely the weakest fantasy sequences in the set.

In this strenuous It: Chapter 2 -almost three hours long- this ability to penetrate the psychology of children, has been neglected by a story that does not know how to influence the present or the past. If in the first chapter it won the subtlety, the use of the off-field and the ability to wrap the spectator in a group atmosphere, in this It: Chapter 2 it wins the ostentation, the blow of effect, the lavish spectacle, the logic of the explicit and verbose.

We cannot even say that Muschietti harmonizes dramatic and comic aspects well. Here, Bill Hader's character is squeaky. On the other hand, Jessica Chastain had to function as a romantic motive, something that is tried to incorporate, in a forced way, in the last section. It: Chapter 2 had everything in its favor, and there is no doubt that it boasts great technical expertise with its wandering psychedelic sequences. The problem is that horror movies also need well-developed feelings and ideas. This time we wanted to cover everything, but we only get a series of fragments, pieces of what could have been a good movie.

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