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An anti-hate satire. 2019/10/18 108 min.


The main character of the classic Japanese Manga and Anime, Jojo Rabbit is a young boy who joins the Special Forces Unit (S.F.U.) after being wounded in the war. Like all brave souls that return from the war, he wants to be promoted to the top ranks and fight the toughest and most dangerous enemies the world has to offer.

In the Anime Jojo's first meeting with the S.F.U. is in a battle against a fierce and determined man called "Red". Red is known for his brutal attacks, an unforgiving life and a love for extreme violence. Jojo is about to make a bad mistake, something that will affect his entire career, if not the whole world.

The Jojo's story was transformed into a movie by director Kazuki Nakashima and writer Keiko Nobumoto in 2020. There are three main characters in the film; the S.F.U. group leader, the Vampire, and the infamous Red. A lot of fans of the series have criticized the show for being too violent. While there is indeed violence in the movie, it is well executed and takes place during a crucial point in the story.

The biggest difference between the Jojo and the manga version is that Jojo, while being the main character, is not just a regular high school student. He is a soldier who is full of Adrenalin and gets into battles with his heart rather than his head. The Jojo and the whole S.F.U. group have been through lots of training and are veterans who would never go out without their high level military equipment.

The Jojo and the entire team were confronted by a Monster, which looks similar to the Red from the manga. When it seems that the monster is going to kill them, Jojo is forced to face the monster head on and save his friends. In the end, Jojo is able to keep his cool and defeats the monster with his trademark kick.

As a fan of the Anime series, I really liked the movie since it complemented the story in the most impressive way. There are also some nice animations in the movie that were really great to watch. From the small zombie creatures running around to a huge Mech that threatens the whole city, the animation is awesome and unique. The opening theme and ending credits were very memorable as well.

The movie itself was really enjoyable and filled with action, animation and energy. Overall, the movie is a must see.

For fans of the Jojo Series, this movie should be seen before seeing the original manga. Watch it now and enjoy a full-length motion picture version of Jojo!

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