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Put on a happy face. 2019/10/2 122 min.


Warner Bros presents the long-awaited cinematographic work of writer and director Todd Phillips, under the production of American actor, Bradley Cooper, and producer Emma Tillinger Koskov.

This extremely successful film premiered in August at the Venice festival, being acclaimed by specialized critics, praising the impeccable performance of Puerto Rican actor, Joaquin Phoenix. This magnificent interpretation elevates the importance of the history of the most famous villain of the comics-making known its dark origins revealing details that nobody had ever imagined.

It should be noted that this movie will not have sequels, it is a unique film that serves a purpose; this has been made clear by both the writer and director and the protagonist himself.

The film is set in the early eighties, in Gothic City; tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a disturbed man with a neuronal disorder that causes him to act inappropriately, usually presents episodes of uncontrollable laughter in moments of great nerve and tension.

At that time, Gothic City is going through a hard economic and financial moment, causing the unemployment of most of the common population, this makes it difficult for citizens to access basic services and food; motivated to this catastrophe which leaves a number of families in poverty, a movement of constant protests and demonstrations against local businessmen is created.

This group of people that grows day by day in number is identified by wearing clown masks and banners alluding to the abuses committed by big businessmen.

Arthur does not escape the situation and must have two jobs; in one of them you saw a clown and made visual advertising on the street, but a group of young criminals attacks him in the middle of an alley causing him some injuries.

Arthur regularly visits the department of social services, where he is given psychological therapy and is given the necessary medications to keep his disorders under control; Randall is a companion of Arthur who upon learning what happened in the alley provides him with a weapon so he can defend himself.

In the middle of a comedy show, Arthur drops the gun to the ground; something that causes his dismissal immediately, Randall denies having lent it and says he bought it himself; Upon returning home, Arthur is attacked by three drunk subjects for not being able to stop his involuntary laughter; these three abusers hit him and leave on the train floor; but they don't expect Arthur to take out the gun and kill them immediately.

The economic cuts in the city are every day greater, the state was obliged to close the social security program that its minister ministering to Arthur; leaving him unprotected and prone to worsen his mental state causing him uncontrolled and hallucinations.

Arthur, who still lives with his elderly mother, Penny, meets a new neighbor, Sophie, whom he invites to one of his nightly performances; but nervousness betrays him and for not taking his medicines he begins to laugh without stopping and cannot move on with the show.

 That causes a famous television program to start broadcasting its videos, making fun of it, and not laughing with it; this situation is key and sets a precedent in the life of the famous villain; I wake up all those feelings that will lead you to know the truth about who you really are.

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