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Every generation has its hero. Meet ours. 2019/12/25 136 min.


I loved the story of Just Mercy. It's about a few young kids and their life's adventure with beautiful scenery, interesting characters and a soundtrack full of music. The movie itself was written by best selling author Ernest Cline. The film follows their adventure through childhood, teenage and into adulthood.

The movie's storyline is a dreamy one. The two protagonists are named Ethan and Chloe who are only six years old but have experienced a lot in their lives. The title character Ethan is said to be perfect in every way. This is not so however, as he is unfortunately faced with some trouble and problems.

Ethan and Chloe begin their lives as the next door neighbors and are pretty much just playing together. Ethan is the tall dark and handsome, while Chloe is a normal, slender girl with long dark hair and a close friendly face. They both have really nice houses, live on the streets, and they have both been bullied their whole lives. Eventually however, Ethan ends up moving in with Chloe because she has nowhere else to go.

Soon though, Ethan's life gets thrown into turmoil when he gets separated from his family in the middle of the night, and he finds himself in the middle of a terrible storm. He ends up saving Chloe from drowning, and they both get rescued by a passing train. Chloe is incredibly happy to be reunited with her family. Ethan though, is confused about why his family seemed so happy when he was separated from them.

When Ethan is nine years old, he meets and falls in love with Chloe. The three of them share a life with a loving relationship and happiness. The problem is that Ethan grows up too fast and runs away from his responsibilities in order to get Chloe back. He ends up getting into a brawl with the local thugs which leaves him in a critical condition. Unfortunately, it seems that Ethan's type of action leads to his death. He ends up returning to Chloe's home and dying on her porch. She, in turn, decides to commit suicide in order to end her pain.

The actors and actresses were very good in the movie had some amazing action scenes that made the movie worth watching. My only problem with the movie was that the plot didn't follow through. I didn't care for the ending at all, but I do know that some people do like that ending.

Overall, Just Mercy is a great flick that will keep you wanting more. If you love action and drama, then this movie should be one you watch.

Original title Just Mercy
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