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Hell, any of them could have done it. 2019/11/27 131 min.


We don't know (although we have reasonable and regrettable doubts) if the staff continues to read or discover a lady named Agatha Christie. Her novels cheered our adolescence, something we remember with gratitude. We don't think they are qualified as excellent literature, but their intrigues were more than entertaining. We all eagerly eaten them. Her complete works were very famous worldwide, they has the ability to catch your attention and surround you with their mysteries.

We associate the reading of The Assassination of Roger Ackroyd (What a memorable surprise to discover in the end the twisted identity of the murderer), Five Little Pigs, Ten Bold, the rural investigations of the shrewd old Miss Marple and inquiries throughout the universe of the picturesque Hercules Poirot , surrounded by a rainy landscape, mists, smell of burnt woo ... In contrast with that wonderful writer named Conan Doyle, creator not only of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, but also of unforgettable stories and novels, which you should always keep rereading every so often, and it's normal that having read him, you'll never go back to Agatha Christie. But it is not the case to compare, it can be said that these are two totally different genres or styles, and so, they must be considered as such, and so, we'll focus on Agatha Christie and a movie that you can watch now that reminds us a lot of her.

She floats all over the movie Knives Out, although she doesn't have credit titles. From Rian Johnson, author of this very curious and moderately funny movie, we were often told an extraordinary black film show, set among teenagers at a high school and titled Brick. He saw his signature in the direction of several chapters of the Breaking Bad series, a prestigious endorsement. But we also identify him as a screenwriter and director of one of the latest installments of the Star Wars saga.

Knives Out develops, of course, in a large mansion and arrangement with the apparent suicide or probable murder of its owner, an elderly millionaire with peculiar descendants, but all of them greedy and eager to know the part that a correspondent is doing in the sweet heritage . A young and beautiful nurse with whom the deceased maintained special communication also moved in that scenario. And an exotic detective appears, excessively polite, who apparently seems naive and silly, but who is as shrewd as conscientious. Both will end up becoming an obsession for that family family in which everyone plays a different role even if their goals are common.

Rian Johnson tells the story without haste and without pause. And we follow it with a frequent smile, although it also takes time. We notice it because it's likely that you'll nod and your eyes close sometime. We choose to attribute this to its length and not to say that the movie is boring, because it isn't . Many things happen, the dialogues are ingenious, there are situations that are not predictable and the cast is attractive. Two glorious elders appear as Christopher Plummer and that secondary actor who always ate the screen called M. Emmet Walsh. Also Michael Shannon, always disturbing actor, specialized in embroidering the villains and for me expendable Chris Evans, Captain America of the Marvel movies. The passage of time has not been generous with a very attractive actress named Jamie Lee Curtis. And Don Johnson, the Corruption pimp in Miami, has something very rare in his expressiveness, perhaps due to excessive visits to the facial surgeon. Daniel Craig, the last and very convincing James Bond, agrees to become a detective that is the antithesis of Bond. Ana de Armas is as beautiful as she is credible, watch now the movie to experience how great is Christie's style one more time.

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