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The universe is expanding 2019/6/12 115 min.


MiB International

Again the Men in Black return to save the planet; this time without the usual agents J and K. Sony Pictures presents us with a spin-off of the successful Men in Black franchise that for years was starring Hollywood stars Will Smith and Tomy Lee Jones.

The first installment of the saga was in 1997; the film was a resounding success, it obtained excellent critics from the general public as from the specialists of the matter, applauding the actions of Smith and Jones, collected more than six hundred million dollars at the box office level worldwide; this film was so successful that his soundtrack album was positioned for two weeks in a row at number one on the Billboard list.

The second part of MiB premiered on July 3, 2002, being equally starred by the same pair in their roles as Agent J and Agent K; It was difficult to match or overcome the success of its predecessor, however the film got very good reviews and added excellent numbers at the box office, exceeding four hundred and fifty million dollars.

On the twenty-fifth of May, 2012, almost a dozen years later; the third part of the franchise is released, starring Will Smith as Agent J and sharing the role of Agent K we find Josh Brolin in the young version and Tomy Lee Jones in a brief appearance in the present version. As expected, the film was again successful, I do not reach the numbers of the first but if I far exceed its predecessor, both in acceptance, criticism and box office; this film added more than six hundred and fifty million dollars worldwide, only at the box office.

This new version of Men in Black is directed by Felix Gary Gary, produced by Walter Parkers and Laurie McDonald, and written by Matt Holloway.

The cast of actors also changes about the previous films, we will no longer see Smith or Jones, at least in this film; Chris Hemsworth will be Agent H, Liam Neeson will be Agent High T, while beautiful Tessa Thompson will be Apprentice Agent M.

In it two thousand and six years, the earth was threatened again by an alien invasion that would have its entrance in Paris, France; it was an alien race capable of adopting human DNA and incorporating it into its system; fortunately, the MiB agency managed to prevent this from happening thanks to the impressive actions of agents H and High T.

Three years later, in New York, a woman named Molly Wright, who lives an obsessive trauma with the aliens and dedicates her life to finding them, after the experience lived in nineteen ninety-six when she was only eight years old and saw for the first time the Men in Black acting to unfairly detain a couple of aliens, being the same who helped them escape; manages to intercept a communication that indicates the coordinates of a landing.

Immediately he is ready to follow them to the main headquarters of the big block, Molly tries to enter without being detected, once inside she is captured by security officers and brought before the director, Agent O, to whom she explains that for years she has tried to enter the state security forces to be recruited by the MiB agency; he decides to give it a try and assigns it as a rookie in probation, he will be Agent M, and will be assigned to the London headquarters, where he is in charge of the High T director.

In this way, Molly's adventure begins with the Men in Black, who will have the task of unmasking an alien operation and saving the earth from another invasion.

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