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Let the festivities begin. 2019/7/3 148 min.



On July 3, 2019, the Swedish film Midsommar was released in the United States of America; a story written by Ari Aster, who was also the director of it, and produced by Lars Knudsen and Patrick Andersson.

The film starred the young British actress Florence Pugh, the American William Jackson Parker, the young but experienced English actor Jack Reynor, Will Poulter, Vilhelm Blomgren, among others.

The story begins with a university student named Dani Ardor, who lives a very difficult situation in her life, after her younger sister murdered her parents and then took her life; This has traumatized Dani and changed his life by plunging her into continuous depression.

 Christian Hughes is Dani's boyfriend, a recent graduate in the anthropology career; the relationship between them has been greatly deteriorated by the situation facing the life of the now orphaned Dani.

Summer has arrived, Christian and his colleagues Mark and Josh, plan a trip to Sweden to meet with Pelle, a former university companion who invites them to a very old celebration of their community called La Harga that takes place every ninety years, for what is very important; It will be held in the province of Halsingland.

Dani discovers Christian's plans, and this generates a great discussion and discomfort among them, however, as a measure to fix things, Christian agrees and invites his furious girlfriend to the trip and she accepts without problems.

The quartet travels to Sweden, upon arrival they meet Simon and Connie, a British couple who were invited to La Harga Ingemar, symbolic brother of Pelle; they move to the province of Halsingland, on the way Ingemar offers a powerful hallucinogen called psilocybin, which is formed by more than two hundred species of fungi; Everyone begins to have severe hallucinations.

Upon reaching the village everything changes and visitors panic alarmed by what they see; they witness the suicide of the elderly, who throw themselves down the cliffs directly against the rocks; to his surprise one of them survives and the Swedish tribe begins a ritual of agony that ends with a concise direct blow to the old man's head by breaking it apart.

Siv, the tribe's shaman, to describe it in some way, explains to them that it is a normal act within their culture and a mandate of the Harga, each member arriving at the age of seventy-two years or more must meet the mandate and offer your life.

The atmosphere is tense and disturbing, Dani wants to leave, but Christian asks him a little effort to finish collecting the necessary information for Josh's thesis, Pelle intervenes and asks them please do not leave the celebration; without being very convinced Dani agrees to stay a little longer.

Simon and Connie are determined to leave, there is no going back; both are going to take their things, suddenly an old man approaches Connie and tells him that her boyfriend left her and went to the train station without her; confused, upset and mistakenly trusting the word of the villager decides to leave alone, and finally disappears.

The nightmare of this group of young people is just beginning, Josh is in the interest of obtaining information about his thesis is captured by a member of the tribe and put in captivity; Christian and Dani are forced to get high and participate in dance contests that will culminate in dark sexual rituals; their lives are in grave danger and they must do everything if they want to return to their homes.

Original title Midsommar
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