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When the predator becomes the prey 2019/8/29 95 min.


If you like exciting thrillers in the heat of summer, you can find some freshness and suspense in 'Nomis' by David Raymond, which has an aftertaste of the police plots of the Nordic countries and is played by Henry Cavill and the legend Ben Kingsley.

In fact, there has been high inflation of good mystery thrillers in Hollywood cinema, which seems to focus more and more on the adaptations of Marvel and DC superheroes. On the other hand, the good works of the suspense genre seem to have passed more to the television series of platforms like Netflix, or to channels like HBO or AXN. However, 'Nomis' by David Raymond, within the suspense genre, is a good variety and a film designed with enough narrative efficiency to retain the viewer until the end.

He also admits a considerable amount of money to tell the story of Marshall (Henry Cavill), an experienced police investigator who along with his team and Cooper (Ben Kingsley), a former judge who now acts as a kind of private guard, it involves a dangerous and strange investigation into the kidnapping and murder of several young women. Written and directed by the promising newcomer David Raymond, the surprises contained in the twists and turns are intense and give a sense of danger to the narration, to the point that they never guarantee the physical integrity of the film's protagonists, since No one seems to be safe from the murderer.

'Nomis' really has a rather unpredictable atmosphere without the usual clichés of films of this genre. It must be said that one of the merits of 'Nomis' is not based on the twists and turns to be suspense since it is not based solely on a final revelation.

The inevitable human hunt turns out to be much more interesting, especially when the public discovers the perfidious nature of the serial killer. However, 'Nomis' sins a little because of the way he deals with his supporting characters, including prominent actors such as Stanley Tucci or Nathan Fillion, and the beautiful Minka Kelly, from the DC adaptation series 'Titans'.

The secondary characters enter and leave the plot and go a little unnoticed, along with the main investigation. The only character that evolves, is almost and only the protagonist Marshall played by Cavill. In fact, it is at the expense of his strong presence and charisma that 'Nomis' gains importance in the premiere poster, even if his character takes a while to understand and gain the sympathy of the spectators. Marshall grows as the narrative evolves, and in fact, it is Cavill's presence that makes the difference, along with the beautiful Alexandra Daddario, also an excellent interpretation of a criminal profiler.

Daddario's character has a very interesting silent anger in the film, in an interpretation that marks perhaps a new level in the career of this actress, who generally does comedies. The appearances of veteran Ben Kingsley steal any scene by swallowing any of the other actors around him.

'Nomis' revolves around the reference character of Simon (Brendan Fletcher), in a rather difficult and extremely versatile interpretation. Simon's profile is perhaps the starting point of this intrigue and the beginning of this complicated investigation. In addition to the Marshall figure of Cavill, Fletcher with his Simon is, without a doubt, the key to everything and one of the figures that make this film much more interesting, without falling as has been said in the cliches of the genre.

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