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One Piece: Stampede (2019)

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2019/8/9 101 min.


One Piece Stampede is undoubtedly the animated film event that every fan of the franchise expected after 20 years since its first appearance on the small screen. The trailer already pointed ways, but the finalized project has turned out to be a stunning surprise.

First of all, we must clarify that we are not facing a movie with an impressive script or a plot that will leave us with our mouths open.

One Piece Stampede is not a complex and difficult film that you have to be aware of in case there is something you have missed, but it goes beyond that; it is a concentration of years and years of history and characters that have been gathered in an extraordinary event where action and fighting predominate before anything else.

You do not need a devilish script for everything to flow, since what is intended is nothing more than gathering the cast of pirates and characters that have been appearing throughout the series to show a unique event where, those fans who have followed the adventures of the boy with the straw hat and his crew, will enjoy as children.

Not only will fans be delighted with the tape, but those who do not follow the series will also find a good show of cakes and humor, although as is logical, many of the characters will be little known to them and the occasional reference They will escape, but nothing worrisome.

The film begins with the organization of an Expo where all the pirates of the seas are invited to meet and compete to get a reward: a spectacular treasure. But the thing is annoying when a certain character makes its appearance and all pirates will have to put everything aside and unify to be able to face him. That is really the only plot because from there, everything is unbridled action and fighting, where each of the pirates has its role and its moment of glory.

It is true that the odd secondary character is overshadowed and not so important, but you could not expect more than a 101-minute film, that if it had been extended to give that bit of splendor, surely the film would have ended up being heavy. Oh, and not everything is action since as the series usually accustoms, the humorous moments are always there in the hands of the characters who usually do them.

Last but not least, the animation of the film is spectacular, having achieved impressive battles worth watching and a character design like never before seen in the franchise, go and watch online. All accompanied by a soundtrack at the height of it all. We are without a doubt the best One Piece movie to date, made by and for fans. An event that will leave everyone stunned and with the soul in a fist. It will be difficult to overcome what they have achieved.

Original title ワンピーススタンピード
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