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Act like you own the place. 2019/5/30 133 min.


The United States of America has had a bug bite over its head as the movie made from Parasite has become one of the biggest hits among moviegoers all over the world. This is due to the sheer uniqueness of the premise of the movie. What else can be more thrilling and intriguing than a war among a band of human mercenaries who are all battling against parasites and their 'masters' for supremacy?

The script of the movie is so great that it has somehow made the director of the movie Alan Scott, who was not into the movie business in the first place, a great name among viewers who were seeking a great story. The production companies of this movie have indeed taken full advantage of this uniqueness of the film and the immense hype generated by the producers and the director. The unique premise of the movie has made it become very important to watch the movie not only because of the premise but also because of the performances of the actors who have played the roles of various characters of the movie.

Kurt Rosinberry plays one of the most intriguing characters of the movie. He is described as the male lead of the movie. Apart from being the lead, he is also the only one amongst the other heroes to have genuine love for his wife. His character is the leader of the group and he is the main antagonist in the movie.

The role of the other protagonist in the movie is that of Mike Wanzel who had had some notable roles in the past. As the other protagonist, he is an ex-military man who has joined the mercenaries to avenge his wife who has been assassinated and whom he has been expecting to see for a long time.

The story of the movie is pure fiction. The story was written with the intention of making a movie and keeping the people involved in the movie guessing what it would actually turn out to be. The story has also been well-received by the people involved in the movie since it is realistic unlike some other movies of the past which have been fictional.

The other standout performance of the movie is that of the actress Kay Street. She is seen as the female lead in the movie and she has the role of the female role reversal in the movie. The role of her character is that of the love interest of Mike Wanzel.

The movie was written by the producer of the original novel and the movie has been made to make the producers of the original work out of commission. However, the makers of the movie have taken advantage of the phenomenal rise in the popularity of the Parasite movie to create an exciting sequel to the original novel.

There is no doubt that the movie has become the biggest hit of the year and has certainly become a hit in the hearts of moviegoers all over the world. It will be a big loss for the producers of the Parasite movie if the movie does not become a success.

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