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The most beloved fairy tale comes to life. 2019/12/19 125 min.


There are several books that can be read on this movie. It is one of the most famous animated movies from the 20th century. The story is about a little boy who is born with red hair and ears, a nose, cheeks and a mouth. He dreams of being a beautiful lady.

While watching Pinocchio you will see that his character is very simple and he is also painted very innocently. His innocence can be frustrating because he is so innocent that he does not know what to do in many situations.

The serie was based on the life of Pinocchio. The story of his life is an interesting story. The movie has several similarities to the story of the series. Though the story and the movie are different the characters in the series are still there.

To tell the story of Pinocchio, it was the story of his mother who was very abusive towards her children. She is the main character in the story and it will show her cruelty. In the series however the story is more about how Pinocchio behaves.

The serie was mainly influenced by the book called "A Trip to the World of Wonder". This book tells the story of Pinocchio. The characters from the serie can be seen in the story as well.

There are several scenes in the story, which makes it very interesting. One of the most popular scene is when Pinocchio was looking for a frog. The frog tries to get away from Pinocchio but finally falls into his bucket and becomes his friend.

In the serie the book that inspired the serie was turned into a movie called "Pinocchio". The movie didnot last long. It only lasted a few weeks on the cinemas.

The movie of Pinocchio was made in 1919. The movie had such success that it made the director Howard Hawks to make more serie like film.

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