Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

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For the movie "Serie di Sangue," director Antonio Mariano created a Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The scene was set in the Granada region, and it was made as if the entire city had burned down. This scene, along with several others, are used in the online version of the movie.

"Portrait of a Lady on Fire" is the eighth in the Serie di Sangue series. Many years after the events in the movie, Lazario returns to Granada for the second time. The film has been rated in Italy as a "Rome" film and is described as "a thoroughly faithful adaptation of the text by Stendhal." Though it is set in Spain, some elements of its story are accurate to the life of Stendhal. As one critic noted, this book "...reminisces a particular idea which was alive for both Mariano and Marazzi when they wrote the play."

In the Serie di Sangue series, the storylines have a standard structure. Each character is played by a famous actor. As the story progresses, the characters have many plots. When you listen to the soundtrack, you hear all of the actors as one voice - only one at that. In the "Portrait of a Lady on Fire," Lazario talks in first person, but in the story he talks about the lives of his family members.

The music of the Serie di Sangue series is very modern. Many of the songs were written by Mariano himself. One of the best is "El Sabor de Vida." This is the opening to the soundtrack. It's an upbeat song that describes the joys of Venice during the 1500s.

The themes of the series are mostly contemporary. However, some movies from the Seria di Sangue series have historical settings. In "Quando Avverti," a young bride must try to recover her family fortune after her parents have died, and in "Provenance," a detective tries to figure out who killed his wife, who supposedly lived at the time of the murder.

When you watch these movies, you should be able to recognize most of the characters from their faces. A great deal of artistic license has been taken in this series of movies. You are really in the dark when you watch these movies.

It is interesting to compare the storyline of the movies with what Mariano originally wanted to do with the series. The main idea of the Seria di Sangue series is that the tale is not really true, and it was just a way to tell the story of Marazzi's life. Marazzi never thought that his own novels would get adapted into movies.

When you see "Portrait of a Lady on Fire," you know that this series was not very popular with critics. As you watch "Alcazar"Dalma," you can imagine how popular these movies are. You should see them to understand why some people love them.

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