Rambo: Last Blood
Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

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Everyone has one more fight in them 2019/9/19 89 min.


Rambo V: The Last Blood

John James Rambo returns to action after eleven years, seeing him for the last time in 2008 with 'Rambo Back to Hell'; this would be the fifth and final installment of the saga and the closing of a historical character from the action cinema.

The direction of the film was in charge of Adrián Grunberg, the production was the responsibility of the duo Kevin King and Les Weldon; the story was written by Sylvester Stallone himself and the script adaptation was performed by Matt Cirulnick.

The film features the performances of the beautiful Spanish actress María de la Paz Campos Trigo, better known as Paz Vega who will play Carmen Delgado; the also Spanish and experienced actor and theater director Luis Sergio Peris Macheda Barrios will be Hugo Martínez; his countryman Oscar Jaenada will be Víctor Martínez; the Mexican and Oscar nominee in two thousand and six Adriana Barraza González will play María Beltrán; the twenty-seven-year-old North American girl of Mexican descent Yvette Monreal will be Gabrielle; the Mexican also Joaquín Cosió Osuna will personify Don Manuel; Genie Kim will be Bar Patron, Marco de la O will act as Miguel, Diana Bermúdez as Juanita, Fenessa Pineda as Jezel and Sheila Shah as Alejandra.

Rambo V The Last Blood, is a project that took a decade between negotiations, rescheduling, breaks, and modifications; going back to May two thousand and ten when Sylvester Stallone himself declared that his character had already completed his cycle and did not want to cause a bad image with a hurried return; However, a couple of years before Stallone himself had said that returning John Rambo to the big screen would be different from what we were used to since time passes for everyone and Rambo is no exception.

In two thousand eighteen after many breaks, cancellations, comings, and goings of Stallone and his team, Rambo V is finally announced, the hiring of Matt Cirulnick was announced for the adaptation of the script for Sylvester's story; the beginning of the recordings was planned for the month of September of the same year, however, it did not begin until November, since October the entire team was finally reaffirmed, including the acting cast; at the beginning of two thousand nineteen the premiere of the film for autumn of that year was confirmed.

Let us remember that John Rambo concluded his mission in Burma with the annihilation of part of the ruthless army at the hands of the dictator of that country, who persecuted and massacred the poorest and most unprotected villages and communities for no reason, in a sadistic hunt that ended with hundreds of lives

At that time John Rambo rescued a humanitarian mission of pilgrims who went to provide medicines and food to the victims of that regime and ended up kidnapped, tortured and in some cases killed.

However, after all that, the Vietnam veteran suddenly returns to US soil and returns home; assuming that he has retired and that his days of violence and war are over.

In this new story, John James Rambo returns to action due to the disappearance of his niece, who knows nothing after crossing the border into Mexico; the war tactics expert moves to that country and begins to investigate to find the young woman's whereabouts; In the middle of it he discovers that it is a traffic sign of people, young Americans who are sold to the highest bidder to prostitute or enslave them.

Rambo will not allow that to happen to his niece and unleashed a war to end the traffickers and take her home safe and sound.

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