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In-Laws Can Be Murder 2019/8/21 95 min.


One of the reasons we like so much the kind of movies that have very complicated plots that require us to ut a bit more effort on it to understand is simply because we feel good doing the work analyzing each scene and decoding the dialogues; the fascination we have for understanding the emotional side and sense of the world of cinema reaches great extremes, it's like if it were us in the movie living the mystery.

Several of us spent countless hours studying movies and it makes us feel happy, we never complain about it, but we also know that not all movies are like this, in fact, Ready Or Not, the movie we're gonna be talking about today, it's more of a simple, not very deep entertainment, but instead of just reading about it, it's better that you watch it now to see for yourself and get your own conclusions.

That is what Ready Or Not is, a horror movie and comedy of pure madness, and those who wrote and directed did so with the same intention, they achieved exactly what they wanted, so the movie can't be considered as a bad one, since is just a part of a genre, and this genre has lots of fans.

The plot is simple: by tradition a rich family makes a ritual in which they must seek and kill a bride who integrates with them, the bride has until dawn to survive and if she succeeds, everyone in the family dies except her, and as ridiculous as that sounds, the movie actually develops this premise in a very funny and smart way.

Do not underestimate this film for being comic horror, the photography is fantastic, everything has a yellow tone that gives an unpleasant feeling, there is not much to say about the technique occupied in the plans, except for the initial scene that has a follow-up for several games up to two children who run through an unknown horror, thus integrating the viewer immediately to the plot; the suspense scenes are well accomplished and more than once we were on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, it is in comedy that fails many times, jokes do not always succeed as they should and often feel out of place.

The bride, in this case, is starring Samara Weaving, who despite the exaggerated situations in which she finds herself, does an excellent job and we were even impressed by how serious the role was taken, we would not be surprised that the image of the bride with a red-stained dress with a rifle will become an iconic image in the cult horror cinema.

Not much can be said about the other actors, they do not reach the level of performance of Samara, but still, they play a good role, which unfortunately is not as convincing as the protagonist. Watch now the movie to find out why.

If you are a fan of the Slasher or the Gore movies, Ready Or Not is for you, but if you are looking for something entertaining and not to be of terror, you better see something else, since the blood, bones, and intestines are leftover in this film.

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