Spies in Disguise
Spies in Disguise (2019)

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Super Spy. Super Fly. 2019/12/4 102 min.


The Attraction of a Spy in Disguise is a story about a young girl who is kidnapped by a group of spies, but in the end, there are only a couple of good guys. In order to investigate this kidnapping case, the young hero travels around a small town in search of the culprits that have kidnapped her. With the help of her father and a local detective, the main protagonist finds herself caught in a tale of intrigue that takes her back to the early days of her own life.

To be precise, the plot revolves around an older couple who is responsible for everything that happened in the intrigue. By doing so, they were able to make a lot of money and get a place on the big time. Now, the couple only wants their old age and fortune back. That is why they are willing to do anything in order to earn their revenge.

To emphasize the importance of each and every character in the book, it does not feature very many characters but the interesting characters of the story include the town police officers, the investigators of the case, and a couple of assassins that are present in the town. In fact, the main heroine is the one that was released by the kidnappers and that she must keep in order to find out the identity of the culprits that have been involved in this crime. After that, she and her friends are trying to find a way to escape from the evil plot of the captors.

The scenes of the story are laid out in a meta-narrative situation that makes the story richer in every chapter. At the same time, the author also gave proper emphasis to the internal aspects of the story because what really happens between the protagonists is not always presented on the page. There are instances when the narrator would direct the reader's attention to something more than what he had intended, which is also known as the narration.

In this case, there are some scenes of some people talking in a secret room but still, it is not necessary to read it aloud and talk in the background. In this way, readers can focus more on the story's action. Moreover, some of the dialogue is omitted because the story is being told to the reader while the speaker is trying to relay the feeling of being trapped. Even then, readers can be assured that the story is being told in an easy to understand manner.

In addition, the plot is portrayed in a fast pace since the storyline is told to the reader through online magazines where the online forums are also available. In the end, the story of The Attraction of a Spy in Disguise has two endings that require different actions from the protagonists. For instance, one ending may be the one where the protagonists come up with an offer to free the hostages held by the kidnappers and the other ending may be the one where the lovers are able to survive their attack by the evil group of the kidnappers.

By reading through the online sections in the novel, the readers can learn more about the city of Paris and its people. It was also created in a way that it is easy to understand and understandable by any person who can read French. In addition, it also features the list of the spy agencies that were featured in the past like the Diamond and the Black Watch.

The online section of the novel is also made possible because of the advanced technology that is present in today's world. The online program gives the people an opportunity to read and download the text from the author's site. In addition, it also gives the readers the right to read and reply to comments posted by the author, which makes the story more interesting and one that is easier to comprehend.

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