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Saving the Day Takes a Pair. 2019/7/11 93 min.


Walt Disney in association with 20th Century Fox, present this action and comedy film, directed by Michael Dowse, and produced by the duo formed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley.

The film was released on July 12, 2019, for the United States of America, and counted on the sympathy of the majority of the public; Despite not being a super millionaire production, the film received excellent reviews for the extraordinary work done.

This film features the performances of the famous Pakistani actor known for his role in the Silicon Valley television series, Kumauil Nanjiani, who plays the role of Stu; the mixed martial arts expert and former professional wrestler, known for his role as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Batistuta, will play Victor Manning; Natalie Morales is Nicole Manning; Indonesian actor Iko Uwais is Oka Teijo; Betty Gilpin is Becca; Mira Sorvino is Captain Angie McHenry; Steven Michael Robert is Felix; Karen Gillian is Sarah Morris; and Scott Lawrence is Doctor Branch.

This tape brings back the old-school-style action duo; as recognized Hollywood actors like Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Kurt Russell, among others; In the midst of a film industry that focused on multimillion-dollar productions of superheroes, space travel, and science fiction over the last decade, a little variety does not come very well.

The plot of the film is quite simple and even predictable, but it is still good. We talked about the classic duo of the tough policeman and his faithful and fearful companion.

Stu is a quiet and peaceful taxi driver who works for a well-known transport services company called UBER; one day like any other, the referred driver receives an unconventional passenger, a policeman who works undercover and seeks to dismantle an ongoing criminal operation and capture a heartless murderer.

This policeman has been on the trail of criminals and his leading killer for months, but unfortunately the day he has more chances to capture them and make the biggest arrest of his career; It is the same day that he had to undergo a surgical procedure in the eyes, which reduced his visual capacity considerably.

This mix of events makes the film a crazy adventure, and to that, we have to add the excellent performances and occurrences of those who accompany Stu and Vic Manning in this risky and blind mission.

Another quite high point of the film was the work done by the production and direction, which took the script of Tripper Clancy and transformed it into a comedy quite easy to digest; and despite not having a huge budget, they achieved spectacular scenes and combat, without counting on the resounding deaths of the bad boys.

So, this strange but funny movie will keep you focused during your scarce ninety minutes and will make you laugh in at least half of them.

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