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Welcome to the day after judgement day 2019/10/23 128 min.


The Terminator saga modifies excellence with its second installment. From there, the waters became increasingly deep, more branched, more complex. The universe generated by the franchise, since Judgment Day was released in 1991, it has been tremendously complicated, and even contradictory in itself. You can not say, less lightly, that everything that came after the James Cameron movie was bad, but the name of the franchise was used to produce some somewhat crazy movies that collected the seed to try to recognize something new.

One thing we can thank movies that involve in one way or other time travel is that they always give the viewer another chance. Another twist that allows replacing things, generating new universes and telling new stories without invalidating the above, or at least not in a way that clamorously attracts attention. While everything that came after Judgment Day works as a sort of continuation of the seed that Cyberdyne Systems Corporation plants, with its successes and mistakes, it works within the universe.

We mentioned time travel because it gives freedom to create alternative universes and serves as an excuse not to invalidate the old or the new. Terminator: Dark Fate introduces itself and tells us what happens after Judgment Day, the direct continuation. And it does it in a very intelligent way not to invalidate the other movies. Dark Fate works within the universe and is a direct sequel because we are located just after Sarah Connor prevents the end of the world by flying the offices of Cyberdyne Systems.

And it works because the first 15 minutes of the movie can be in a situation for the viewer on how to fit what we are seeing in the Terminator universe and because the adventures after Terminator 3 also make sense. The magic of the sequel is that it is placed in such a way that it serves as a guiding thread of what we have already seen, but which in turn does not conflict with the common ideator of Terminator. All thanks to the alternative universes and the game that offers the problems of playing with time travel.

We can consider Terminator: Dark Fate as the best sequel to Terminator to date because, in reality, it is the only sequel that deals just with the events of Judgment Day; It maintains its original cast and still manages to tell a new story. New in quotes, because Tim Miller, its director, and the team in charge of writing the script managed to do with Terminator the same thing he did in Disney with Star Wars: keep intact the elements of the two previous films, introduce new characters and settle for what is guaranteed to work. And it works.

The interesting thing about Terminator: Dark Fate is that, despite repeating the formula and approach of the previous deliveries, that is, damsel in distress, war machine destroying everything in its path and a guardian of the future, wins giving us a feeling of nostalgy. Partly because Linda Hamilton's masterful role brings back those good memories of when the saga changed the action cinema, and in turn, brings some maturity to the film that, together with the action and narrative structure, making the whole set work perfectly. Even the possibilities of the new antagonist, a Terminator 9 (T-Rev9) are nothing more than those of a T-1000 imagined in 2019 and with the possibilities of the new millennium, but just as lethal as that of Robert Patrick.

At first glance, it may seem that it works more for the action section than for the Terminator canon, but once understood what the movie raises in its beginning, everything has more packaging. Yes, the group joins again, this time for a task that is exactly the same as the previous one and with the same roles as in the Judgment Day. If we get strict, to solve the same problem as in 1991 but without the end of the world involved, focused on a more humble goal: to save the life of the resistance leader.

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