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The Addams Family (2019)

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Think your family is weird? 2019/10/10 86 min.


Universal Pictures brings back to the big screen one of the darkest, funniest and most unique television families; with the script adaptation of the writers Matt Lieberman and Pamela Petter; directed by the duo formed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan and produced by Gail Berman, Alex Schwartz, and Alison O'Brien.

This animated horror-comedy produced in 3D and HD formats was released on October 11, 2019, for the United States of America, was freely based on the homonymous comics by Charles Addams.

The vocal cast was composed of Guatemalan Oscar Isaac playing Gomez Addams; the beautiful Charlize Theron as Morticia Addams; the young Canadian actor will be Pugsley Addams; the well-known American actress Chloe Grace Moretz will personify Wednesday Addams; Nicholas Jules Kroll is Uncle Fester; Hawaiian Bette Midler as Grandmama; and the American director, producer and actor Conrad Vernon as the famous butler Lurch.

The Addams marriage formed by the stylized and always elegant Morticia and the romantic Gomez, along with the entire Addams clan with boos and banished on their wedding day, by an angry crowd that disagrees with their dark and bleak nature.

Without fixed direction they arrive at the town of New Jersey; where they find an abandoned property for sale that is the perfect house for them, it is a building that worked as a nursing home for patients with mental disorders; at that time they are a newly married couple and with them they only take their own pet.

Once in his new home, they meet a patient who escaped from the nursing home called Lurch and hired him as a butler.

Three years have elapsed since that time; the Addams family has two new members, both children of the marriage between Morticia and Gómez; they are the young Wednesday and the boy Pugsley; the first fight with his mother for his need to go out and know the world outside the Addams mansion, what is lived in the outside world; meanwhile, little Pugsley prepares for the family initiation ritual called Mazurka.

An unfriendly television presenter named Margaux Needler, who runs a prestigious Show, tries to build an organized community in the city of New Jersey that is governed by certain parameters and behaviors; Needler finds out about the Addams family's existence and decides to visit them to corroborate the rumors of his strange behavior.

Upon arrival, she meets with the Addams's marriage, which refuses to change their traditions since they do not incur any fault and do not harm the other citizens; for the cocky presenter, he takes it personally and firmly intends to get the Addams family out of his city.

As the days go by, Morticia's young daughter, Wednesday, meets a girl named Paker, who is the careless and rebellious daughter of straight and perfect Margaux Needler; between them the friendship begins to be born; the young Addams asks her parents to allow her to attend secondary school, she needs to know what happens outside the bars of the mansion; for his part, little Pugsley begins to feel pressured by the Mazurka, which he fails to understand despite the help of his father and uncle Fester.

Morticia and Gomez must face with their family all the difficulties that the cocky Margaux Needler will put in their way, and as parents help their children understand the world around them and understand that they are a family with customs different from the rest.

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