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Who's going to save you when the world falls into darkness? 2019/11/21 127 min.


This movie brought the superpowers of the planet Earth to war and humanity was forced to fight back with no hope of victory. Despite the many wars in the storyline, this is the only real war in the movie and the massive destruction and violence of the film takes center stage. We see two groups of humans battle each other; a group of children and an alien race known as the "Clan".

The Blackout: Invasion Earth has an interesting plot; the aliens attack humanity using a device on the earth known as the "Computers." The device sends out a signal that has a violent tone that ultimately causes humanity to unleash a force that they cannot control. The device does not release anything more than a low level power pulse that weaves itself into the Earth's own natural rhythm. It is not until the military decides to stop the signal that the disaster will occur.

The movie begins with the humans searching for a way to remove the advanced computer device from the earth. The children have been sent out to search for ways to do this and see them learn that the devices are buried deep underground in a city, which is under a mountain. These children find the device and take it back home to their parents only to discover that the parents have been murdered and the device is now in the hands of the aliens.

The serial killer attempts to kill the children, who flee back to their family. It is soon discovered that the alien race that has the power device has turned it against humanity. The human army sends in, but they are not able to stop the Clans and they are defeated by the Clans alone.

The serial killer now becomes the main antagonist in the movie. He turns the "Computers" into his army and unleashes it on the town of Frenden, California. As the Clans invade, the serial killer destroys all of the soldiers and frees the remaining survivors.

The serial killer later becomes a member of the military and is trained by a scientist, known as Dr. Nada. The doctor agrees to train the serial killer and forces him to fight the soldiers. The serial killer is able to defeat them and is free to fight his way to the top of the military.

However, he is captured by the leader of the Clans and her daughter "Nadia" is about to perform a massacre of all of the humans. The killer is saved by the teacher "Harmony" from the massacre and is taken to the clan leader "Eve" for protection. "Harmony" tricks Eve and allows the killer to escape the death that would befall him.

Online, the movie received mixed reviews and there were some fans who wanted to see it again to get the true story behind the movie. Others who loved the online aspect of the film did not feel it was the right place to see the movie and would rather see it in a theater. Hopefully, the sequels will change that!

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