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Criminal. Class. 2019/12/3 113 min.


The Gentlemen is an acclaimed Netflix original movie that chronicles the tumultuous and life-changing friendship between two friends and creators, filmmaker David O. Russell and actor Christian Bale. Two highly respected men whose passion for cinema earned them a following within Hollywood, their friendship became so fierce that it threatened to break their careers. The Gentlemen is based on true events of the case, which leads to accusations against each individual.

The movie comes from the mind of writer and director David O. Russell, who was already known for his award-winning films such as "Silver Linings Playbook", "American Hustle"American Psycho". He gained international recognition for his fearless portrayal of the charismatic sociopath, a character played by Christian Bale.

The movie starts off by establishing the history of the two filmmakers and starts from their beginnings when they met and married the legendary actress and director, Jennifer Aniston. The movie then proceeds to detail their past with each individual as they tried to create their films. Their relationship started as simple friendships that eventually blossomed into a love that could only be described as tragic.

The movie then goes into detail of the tragic downfall of Jamie Foxx's character, Harvey Keitel's character and the legendary actor, Christian Bale's character. The dramatic turn that the film took when each actor made public allegations against the other. These allegations lead to the near breakdown of their careers and many lawsuits that eventually ruled their relationship as an affair.

The movie offers the viewers an insight into the characters and their respective personalities as they explore the richness of their lives. The character of Christian Bale exhibits the tragic side of fame and his overall depression as he crumbles before the camera. Jamie Foxx's character in The Gentlemen exemplifies the passionate side of acting and his fragile ego as he shows his heartache while filming.

The movie culminates in the discovery of a gay relationship between Jamie Foxx and Christian Bale, the final scene being incredibly touching. The film has also sparked a lot of controversy about sexual issues in Hollywood. Because of this, many critics and celebrities have criticized the movie because of its controversial themes and the strong sexual content that were shown in the film.

In the past few days, the movie has been advertised online on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the popular websites. In the past few days alone, the movie has been exposed on television and several online television shows.

Online, it has been referred to as a touchy subject and controversy. What can you expect from watching an online adaptation of a French film? Will it offer you the same thrills and chills that you would get to watch a real-life Hollywood movie?

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