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There is enchantment in the light. 2019/10/18 109 min.


Every time I watch The Lighthouse I remember why I fell in love with this novel. It tells a story of two kids, James and Sarah, and their struggle to survive in the harshest environment in the world; namely, a lighthouse.

The movie tells how they survive the harshness of the setting, but at the same time brings up some questions on the nature of its existence. What makes a lighthouse? Why does it stand there?

Lighthouses are the most basic form of lighthouse, an open building that stands over or on the shore. From its name comes a picture of a lighthouse, seen from above. It is an ornate structure, usually made of wood, and has small windows and a smoke ring, which can be opened. It could be mistaken for a barn for a while, but it is not supposed to be one at all.

In reality, lighthouses were built so that sailors could find the way home to civilization at night. Ships were usually lighted, either from candles or lanterns, in order to travel by night. Lighthouses started to be built in the 1700s to serve the many ships heading out to sea. They are one of the oldest types of navigational aids.

A lighthouse can be seen from the shoreline, from where they cast the noiseless sound of water hitting the decking on its way to the ship. If a vessel is no longer heard in its wake, it means that the ship has run aground. Thus, the lighthouse was designed to warn of a shipwreck, before the ship is actually sunk.

Lighthouses can be constructed either manually or through electricity. They are the most expensive form of lighthouse because of the manpower required to construct it and to illuminate it at night. The water is fed into the tower, and if the lever is pulled, the light will rise in order to be seen from below.

If you stand on the shore at night, you will see the light coming from above the water. The room itself may be heated by a fire underneath the top of the tower to keep it from getting too cold.

Overall, I believe this's story is a great one. My only complaint is that there was no depiction of the story as a novel. Either way, I really enjoyed the movie and hope you do as well.

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