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2019/9/21 108 min.


The Mortuary Collection is a realistic and highly creepy web series about a morbidly hilarious attempt to help cheer up an aging father (voiced by the great Jack Nicholson) - played by none other than Brad Pitt. It's a funny take on the "Funeral Director" business and a nice little tale of technology and business, that's also a little bit horror-themed as well. The movie itself stars some pretty amazing actors, including Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, and Morena Bailon. This collection is available for free on YouTube, but if you really want to see all of the trailers, you'll have to purchase the DVD or buy the special bonus content that comes with it. The special content consists of a collection of "scary" scenes, behind the scenes interviews with the director, deleted scenes, and much more.

The Mortuary Collection is actually the second film in a long series of online feature films based on the life of famed author Dr. Sewease Witherspoon. In the first film, The Secrets, she tried to help a young woman who had run away from home (in this case, the young woman had run away to find her true birth father). The second film, The Last Paradise, took place several years later when Witherspoon's character went into therapy after his own wife died of a heart attack. Both films were wildly successful and spawned a franchise of four sequels.

Now we're tackling another Mortuary film, The Mortuary Collection. You can watch The Mortuary Collection right here on YouTube. The first film in the set, The Secrets, was just released in May of 2021 and was just amazing. I was glued to the screen, waiting for each new scene to come out. As for the second film, The Last Paradise, it was a more subdued affair. It had excellent acting performances, but the subject matter was not quite as strong or engrossing as The Mortuary Collection.

The story line for The Mortuary Collection is that a young girl is accidentally buried alive in a mortuary's storage room. Upon her discovery, doctors discover that she has not died, but rather, has been put into suspended animation due to a chemical reaction that occurs when her body is exposed to the chemicals used in the mortuary's autoclave. The doctors and technicians are not sure how this happened, but believe it to be a product of improper chemical treatments. The next time the girl goes into the mortuary, she discovers that everyone in the facility is wearing white gloves, which were provided by Witherspoon's character in the first film. The girl then sets out to find out just what happened to her, and why the other patients are all wearing white gloves? This plot thread drives the rest of the movie along.

The second part of the plot involves the mystery of why the original owner of the warehouse and autoclave stopped using it. Several other scientists were brought in to conduct their own investigation, and several different theories about what happened were formulated. Things such as the original owner being a genius and had created a better way to get things done, or perhaps he simply lost interest in the project and wanted to go on to bigger and better things were just a few of the possibilities. Whichever the case, what was revealed was that the owner of the warehouse stopped using the autoclave because he believed that using them would make his work too cumbersome, and he would rather spend his time working on something else. However, the remaining staff members still believed that there might be a ghost behind the scenes, and so they set out to perform their own investigation. Throughout the entire movie you can tell that the investigation is not going very well, but we are just seeing how these characters react to each other and the unexpected.

The final part of the plot involves an extremely awkward and unnecessary sex scene, which I find completely unnecessary for a movie this short. The only other thing that I thought was rather bizarre was when one of the characters in the hospital hallucinates and thinks he's getting married, and then later he realizes he isn't, but we didn't see that part of the story in the movie, so I guess you'll have to take my word for it. Overall, The Mortuary Collection is a fun watch that will leave you wanting more.

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