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2019/8/16 121 min.


A movie that is very weird and entertaining, Journey to China is based on the popular serie Red Dawn. As a guy who loved the show from back then, I am eager to find out what happened to the mysterious Red Mask. With a plot that's full of twists and turns, and the adventures of four kids, this is a movie that is best enjoyed with friends.

As a child, Dan and his best friend Dan Jr. are convinced that their classmate Maria, played by the great actress Jennifer Agnese, was abducted by aliens and taken to an unknown place. They have been telling all their friends and go on taking the case to the authorities, only to find out that the case has been left untouched for years. Now the authorities are concerned about the disappearance of Maria and suspect her best friend Dan.

A week later, Maria is found in the woods, missing some teeth, and sporting strange behavior. She's wearing old army clothing, with metal plates. On the way to a school outing, she meets one of the kids from their class. Unknown to her, this kid is the president of an elite unit of super soldiers called THE RANGERS. The Rangers, along with other secret units, are very well trained and equipped.

Two weeks after that, the Girl's Dad comes out of nowhere and arrests the president. The reason is simple: the Rangers were having a meeting to discuss the most top secret project of all time - a nuclear warhead. But all is not as it seems. The Rangers had been betrayed, and it was only the timely intervention of the girl's father that saved the world.

Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask is a great experience for the ones who love sci-fi, action, and all the elements of the genre. However, it will be great if you can get a hold of the DVD so you can watch it at home as it's the only way to really enjoy the movie.

This movie takes on a very different perspective from the usual action movie. With its twists and turns, this movie is unique in many ways. By getting the DVD, you'll be able to enjoy the movie at home and also you'll get to experience the hilarious dialogues that will make this movie really fun.

The movie will certainly be a hit with the kids, but also the adults because of the twists and turns of the story. The movie also includes some action sequences that will definitely be awesome. As I watched the movie, I kept thinking that the movie could have been very intense and more shocking, but it ended up more funny than scary. Also, I found some of the dialogues very funny because of the inclusions of some Chinese expressions.

Overall, I think this movie is great for everyone because of its uniqueness and its sheer entertainment. Whether you love action or comedy, this movie is for you. Get your DVD copy and watch it.

Original title Тайна печати Дракона
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