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2019/9/12 100 min.


The Room is a movie that is long in the making. Based on a novel, it is still being written by Tommy Wiseau. Based on the film, the film is based around the same basic concept as the novel: a group of people with dissimilar personalities get thrown together in a strange and unfamiliar location, in order to find out who is really the murderer of one of their group members.

The first scene of The Room was filmed on May 18th 2020. On this day, Tommy and Greg met up with a few actors and filmed some scenes in the crowded room of the San Diego Film Studios. At the same time, the location for the production of The Room was being finalized. The Room was to be shot on location near San Diego, California, and it would be distributed in various places in the United States.

To make the movie, The Room was divided into two different parts: the first half being the story of the characters, and the second half being the story of the people who were thrown into the house. In the first part, the director Tommy was the only one responsible for the story. This part of the movie was done mainly by the actors, but the only script Tommy ever wrote was for the first half of the movie. He then turned the screenplay into a second draft, which then became the script for the second half of the movie.

The second part of the movie was completed by the actors. They had the freedom to rewrite the scripts that Tommy and Greg had written, and when he felt it was time, they would re-write the script to make it more relevant to what the characters wanted. This has been the process in all the movies that Tommy has directed, until now.

The Room has been one of the most talked about movies of 2020. The movie has been so popular because the plot is not really that obscure. For every person who wants to know what happened to the people in the house, they know about it.

To be able to make a movie as good as The Room, the director needed to do several things. First, he had to be able to make sure that he had enough budget to finish the entire movie without going bankrupt. After that, he needed to hire the best actors, and the best crew to make the movie look like a Hollywood movie.

The Room has been extremely well received by critics. While many critics have complained about the storyline, they have praised the acting performances. The Room is usually the movie that people get to the cinema because they are looking for a good time. When they can't find anything good to watch, they go and watch a movie that is rated as "excellent".

With The Room, Tommy has given many people the chance to see a movie they would have never seen otherwise. This is a rare success in the world of film, especially as there is a limited number of cinema theatres left.

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