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Toy Story 4 (2019)

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Get Ready to Hit the Road 2019/6/19 100 min.


Disney & Pixar bring to the big screen the fourth and final installment of super successful Toy Story saga; once again we can enjoy the adventures of Cowboy Woody and his companion space guard Buzz Lightyear.

The film was released on June 20, 2019, and as usual, it was a success, raising a sum close to one thousand one hundred million dollars for the box office.

This story begins two years after Andy donated his toys to little Bonnie, everyone lives happily in their new home with their new owner, but naturally, as time goes by Woody plays less and less, the little girl shows other interests.

Concerned about his little owner, the cowboy hides in his backpack and accompanies her to the kindergarten; at the time of working in class, the little girl grieves for not having the necessary materials and our cowboy cannot afford it, so she uses all her skills to find the necessary, direct recycling material from the dump.

Surprised she uses all her materials to assemble a small toy with the shape of a cover, legs, and arms of a clean pipe, rubber band, and some buttons; he baptizes him as Forky and keeps it in his backpack, as if by magic he comes alive.

Already at home, Forky does not understand what happens, does not accept that it is a toy, for him, it is still part of the garbage; Forky is now Bonnie's favorite, but he has suicidal instincts, Woody must do everything to prevent the new one from ending up in the dump.

Bonnie's parents are surprised that they will go on a trip, they will go to the carnival fair aboard a trailer; the excited girl packs all her toys and prepares for the trip, during the tour Forky suffers another panic attack but this time she manages to jump out the window; Woody doesn't want Bonnie to be sad so he decides to go after him.

Woody manages to find the rebel Forky, and explains what it means to be a toy, how happy he can make his owner; and how important it is for little Bonnie; that way he enters reason and manages to calm down, now they must reach the caravan and join the others.

In the middle of the road, the brave cowboy sees in the distance the toy lamp of his friend Pastor Bo, who was sold in a garage sale by the sister of his former owner Andy; many years have passed and perhaps it is time to meet again, so you are encouraged to go to the store and look for it.

Once inside they find a doll called Gaby, who tells him that I can help him find his dear friend; nothing is further from reality, this evil toy with his friends set them up and now their prisoners.

This skillful toy must escape with Forky and rescue his friend Bo who is in a playground across the street, but as always he has his faithful friend and adventure partner Buzz Lightyear; both must prevent the evil Gaby from taking over his voice box.

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