Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019)

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2019/10/4 83 min.


Warner Bros production presents the thirty-sixth animated production of DC comics, as usual, arrives in-home or home cinema format, the production is available in digital format on various interactive platforms since October 5, 2019, and in Blu-Ray 4K Ultra HD, and in DVD format, from October 22 of the same year.

The direction and animation of the tape were in charge of the Asian Sam Lui, while the production was the responsibility of Jim Krieg.

The story begins with the intrusion of a man on Themyscira Island, home of the invincible Amazons; fleeing an attack by the Parademon, Steven Trevor, Captain of the North American Area Force falls on the island and is found by the beautiful Princess Diana, who immediately takes him to the recovery room, where he is treated with purple crystals that allow his wounds

The Queen of the Amazons and Diana's mother, Hippolyta, learns of the human's presence and immediately orders to capture him and take him to the dungeons. Once his orders are fulfilled, he is interrogated by the Queen herself, he warns her that an invasion will soon come from the Parademon; the world is in grave danger.

Hipólita ignores his warnings and keeps him imprisoned in the dungeons; Diana believes that the news of Captain Trevor is true and releases him by challenging the Queen's orders; full of anger sends the Amazons to capture the Captain again, but Diana interferes and confronts her mother, at that moment she makes the decision to leave Themyscira following Steven's steps to protect the innocent of the world.

Trevor takes Diana to Washington, where she meets Etta Candy, who in turn takes them in front of Dr. Julia Kapatelis; where he will see his daughter Vanessa for the first time, who develops a feeling of deep hatred towards Diana for stealing her parents' attention.

From that moment, Diana adopts the secret identity of Wonder Woman and is dedicated to protecting humanity, defending the weakest and ensuring peace in the world.

Thus several years have passed, five to be exact. Diana is in the newly built headquarters of Justice League, where she receives a visit from Dr. Julia, who asks for her help since her daughter Vanessa stole a powerful weapon and took her to Veronica Cale and Doctor Veneno.

Wonder Woman agrees to help her, and Steve Trevor decides to accompany them; when they arrive at the site they encounter the men of Doctor Venom and an old acquaintance of heroin, it is Gitana, whom he has fought and defeated in the past; but this time it may be different, since the villain injected a powerful serum that modifies her genetics and gives her supernatural abilities such as strength and size.

After a hard fight, Wonder Woman ends up beating the super-strong Gypsy; while Trevor fights with Dr. Veneno's soldiers, Julia receives a shot that causes her death almost immediately.

Vanessa can't believe what happened, blames Diana for her mother's death and flees the place; but instinctively goes with Doctor Poison and Cyber, another enemy of Wonder Woman; the afflicted young woman wishes to avenge her mother's death, but points in the wrong direction, wishes to destroy the princess of the Amazons, which is why she is recruited by super villains and subject to a series of physical and genetic experiments that allowed her Become a Silver Swan

Original title Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
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