Zombieland: Double Tap
Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

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2019/10/9 99 min.


Sony Pictures, led by director Ruben Fleischer, producer Gavin Polone and writers Paul Wernick, Dave Callaham, and Rhett Reese, bring to the big screen the sequel to the hit movie Zombieland; This second installment was released on October 9, 2019.

This action and comedy film, with a black humor in the best American style, stars the well-known Woodrow Tracy Harrelson in his role as Tallahassee; Abigail Breslin as Little Rock; Jesse Eisenberg is Columbus; the beautiful Emily Jane Stone is Wichita; Zoe Deutch is Madison; Rosario Isabel Dawson is Nevada; Ava Tudor Jogia is Berkeley; Thomas Middleditch is Flagstaff, and Luke Wilson plays Albuquerque.

The sequel to this famous movie comes ten years after its release, and within history, the time is exactly the same, that is, a decade later than the mutation of the mad cow disease strain that ended with the life as we know it within the United States of America and presumably from the entire world.

The well-known group of survivors and experts in the hunting and annihilation of zombies, Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, Nevada, Little Rock, and the company, seized the now ruined and abandoned White House, from which they direct all their operations.

The relationship between Columbus and Wichita has grown, the fierce zombie hunter plans to ask for marriage, and at the same time, Tallahassee refuses to form a family with Little Rock because of how devastated the country is.

The next morning, both men find a note written by Wichita and Little Rock, both girls fled the White House for different reasons one for fear of marriage and the other for feeling that it is not taken into account by Tallahassee.

After five weeks, Tallahassee and Columbus tour a mall in search of supplies, there they run into Madison, surprised and glad to know that she has survived all this time, she takes refuge inside an ice cream freezer, which protects her of the zombies.

Columbus is not wasting time I have invited Madison to return to the White House with them, she accepts and one night between one thing and another they end up going to bed and spending the night together; but Wichita returned, and found out what happened between what would be her husband and the young Madison.

But she returned to inform them that Little Rock went to Graceland with a man named Berkeley and that they discovered a new breed of evolved zombies, they are more agile, resilient and intelligent than ordinary zombies.

Everyone agrees that they should go for Little Rock, if life is in danger; they get a van and start off towards Graceland, in the middle of the road they get a luxury trailer in very good condition and with a full tank of fuel, but when trying to turn it on they activate the alarms and wake up the zombies, who quickly attack the small group.

But not everyone managed to leave unharmed, Madison was bitten and is undergoing the transformation, which led them to the painful task of sacrificing her; now they are less, but they continue the trip to find Little Rock, suddenly they get the vehicle that I use to run away from the white house, it is parked in a Las Vegas motel, there they meet Nevada, who tells them that Little Rock is He marched to a hippie community called Babylon.

The adventures of this group of lunatic zombie killers are just beginning, they must rescue their friend and for this, there are many shots and fights they must face.

Original title Zombieland: Double Tap
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