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12 Hour Shift (2020)

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Pull your shift together. 2020/10/2 88 min.


The first thing you need to know about 12 Hour Shift is that it's about a nurse who is a junkie, not a junkie nurse. This book is the first in a series of novels about a nurse who is addicted to drugs.

When a crazy and drug-addled nurse and a junkie cousin attempt to get an illegal organ for an organ trafficker, bodies begin to pile up at the morgue. Eventually, a detective from the local police force is assigned to the case and the two begin to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a child. They come to the conclusion that a woman was killed but the exact details remain unknown. It is revealed that the woman had an affair with the organ trafficker and it was possible that the trafficker was watching her as she was likely receiving payments.

There are many different story lines throughout the book that create a sense of intrigue and suspense for the reader. The reader is left with a question of how the whole situation will end and how much of the truth has been uncovered. Many of the characters are also presented as well as the various drug addictions they may have experienced in the past. What I liked best about 12 Hour Shift is that the author, John Grisham, writes about the main characters like they were real people, not characters in a novel.

Grisham creates a number of different endings in this book and I especially liked the ending where the story ended. I didn't think that there was any wrong decision that the author made while writing the story of these two characters. In fact, I would say that the ending was the most satisfying. I'm just glad that the ending left no questions unanswered.

I don't think John Grisham is trying to write the "How To" book on addiction. I think he is trying to make a point. He uses the heroin addiction as the backdrop of his story because it gives him an easy way to describe the characters and to show the problems they face, while he describes the problems the addicts have with their minds and what they must do to overcome the addiction.

The author uses the story line to make an interesting point about why so many people still feel that way about heroin, even after the author's book. has proven them wrong. I thought this was a great read and I'm sure that if you're considering giving this book a read, you'll be able to enjoy the same pleasure that I did.

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